The Twilight Saga

So, most of us agree that Edward is just the most dreamy, romantic, sensitive, beautiful man anyone could come up with. And now that we have this super standard, how do our real, every day men compare? Is it even fair to make comparisons? Disappointment will ensue, but is it his fault?

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These books should be advertised to men as a manual to what women want. I'll pass this on to Stephanie.
I agree. all men should act like Edward or atleast try to be as close as possible.
I agree. women would go crazy if their men acted like Edward. How do we get them 2 do this??
Sad part is, it's not in them. We have to remember the book was written by a woman. Men don't think or act like that, especially when they are not trying to get into your pants.
That's my conclusion. But what do I know.
mine compares just fine : )
Well, you are quite the lucky girl, Shannon, especially if you've been with your guy for a while. I was just reading other posts (see the one titled "Edward Cullen") and it appears that I'm not the only woman in a healthy relationship to be completely nuts about Edward. I'm yet to discover if this is a good or a bad thing.
we've been together since 2001, he's still the most amazing man I know
and he doesn't mind that i'm obsessed with twilight and with edward--in fact, he watches the dvd with me almost weekly, he saw new moon with me 5x just to keep me happy, and he bought me nearly all of my twilight stuff (including both soundtracks and two posters of Edward)

So yea, I think I'm pretty darn lucky!
About your football dilemma you mention below, I say just embrace it. Pick a team he would never root for and then insist on watching them every time they're on tv : ) (I'm actually a die-hard Packer fan, so I can't share in your misery, although my team lost today so . . . )
Haha, funny that you mention football like that. I am a huge Steelers fan, I watch all their games and spend most weekends watching the other games with my husband when I have time (I'm in law school). This is something I learned to love because of him and it has paid back, but of course, this not the best season to be a Steelers fan and sometimes, specially when my team is out of the playoffs and I have just read Midnight Sun, it's hard to come back to reality.

My husband is an incredible man and I love him with all my heart. But he doesn't say: "Come back to me, love" when I leave the room, you know? ;)
lol : )
I have to tell you that I just recently started dating this guy. After a few dates, we were discussing middle names and guess what his middle name is? It is Edward, I about died right there on the spot. I thought that I was in heaven. Guess what else, he is into vampires a lot. Yes, i know how to pick them. lol, just thought it was ironic that his middle name happened to be who I would be comparing him to. I tell you what he is about as romantic as Edward Cullen and really cares about how happy I am. Isn't that crazy. SO even though my edward is a mortal he is totally, and irrevocably my dream man. He totally compares to Edward Cullen. So ladies, there are mortals out there just like Edward Culen, so you just have to find the right one that suits your needs the best.
That's awesome! I'm happy for you but lemme tell you (and here's where I burst your bubble) it's always like that at the beginning. Try after 8 years of marriage, we'll see if he still makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Ahhh... I'm officially a bitter old woman. Can the playoffs be over soon, please?
I bet Edward doesn't even like football.
I can really understand you. I was totally in love with my boyyfriend for 2 years, but when I read the book I understood that he is far from Edward. So noe I just triing not to compare, because it will always be a dissapointment


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