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I want to see how many people agree that S Meyer should finish Midnight Sun and write the other three books from Edwards point of view. I would LOVE to hear the story from Edward! Think about agruments with Jacob, killing Victoria, Bella saying yes, the wedding , honeymoon, and the birth of his daughter, all told from Edward!! I think it would be awesome.

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yup, i'll go with you too...i love midnight sun and how i wish Steph Meyer will finish and publish it.
hell yeah she should write them
She should finish Midnight Sun.. I don't why she hasn't finished them yet.
Hhmm... maybe she's taking some writing courses.
yeah i agree with you completely because they only talk about bellas and jacobs point of view and they always talk about him knowing what other peoples thoughts are but i think we need to know what his perspective is i think breaking dawn and eclipse would help people understand it better if we heard edwards point of view!!!!!
I would Love it if she did finish Midnight sun atleast. I read { from her site } what she'd written so far and i loved what i got to read of it. And if she wrote all 4 books i'd buy them even if its the same book just from a different pov
I believe that she should finish and publish a book from Edwards point of view. I also think it would be cool if S. Meyer wrote a book on each character on how they became a vampire, how their lives were, and how they each fell in love and stuff. I hope she also continues to write about Renesme and Jacob cause I would definitely buy them. Lets just hope she keeps writing:)!
I completely agree. I would buy the books in a heartbeat. It would be amazing to see things from his POV. Especially when he leaves Bella in New Moon, goes to the Volturri and realizes that Bella isn't dead after all!
Totally agree!
I completly agree with you, I too would love to her the entire sag from his point of view, like what he was feeling when he left Bella..
it would be so great to know what HE was thinking through all this and i would definetly buy the books
OMG if she doesnt ill cry or jump off a cliff like Esme
I agree 100%!!!


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