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I want to see how many people agree that S Meyer should finish Midnight Sun and write the other three books from Edwards point of view. I would LOVE to hear the story from Edward! Think about agruments with Jacob, killing Victoria, Bella saying yes, the wedding , honeymoon, and the birth of his daughter, all told from Edward!! I think it would be awesome.

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i totaly agree with you...
I know right, can you think of the thoughts Edward was having just in the honeymoon ALONE! I'd buy the books!
Me too.. I would like to see the other story's too,
We had the chance to hear Jacobs side its Edwards turn! Lol
your not alone there. :)
i think that an awesome idea
I would luv the book EDWARD ROCKS it would be awesome to hear it from his point of view
I agree too
i can't wait to read it all the way!!!!!
Me too biiiiiiiiig time
she should totally publish the whole saga in edwards view so that we know ehat he was thinking whaen they had disagreements
it would be soooooooooooo kl
Sure agree with you. I LOVED the partly finished portion of Midnight Sun that I read on Meyer's site. Love the idea of seeing things from Edward's point of view. I don't know about anyone else, but I sometimes get annoyed with Bella. She can seem...headstrong and immature. I especially thought she was insensitive toward Edward at various when he presents her with gifts and proposes. Most ungracious this little chick can be.
Edward's character seems...perfect.
i agree..:)


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