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How does Edward get an erection if he has no blood in him? Seems like a physiological vampire flaw to me, but wondering if that is just something SM never explained...but i don't think anyone has a plausible explanation

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought about this....well i guess he does in order to fullfill Bella's needs lol!!
Well... I am not comfortable talking about this stuff at all but... He is hard as stone all the time right? Wouldn't that explain it.
Well the venom replaces the blood so if you think about it... it works the same as blood. So he would be able to maintain and erection. SM explains this on her site.
I agree! read that too on the twilexicon.
Perfect answer!!
well I would think that there is nothing wrong with it (as long as he has Bella to you know have)
well...technically...he does have blood in him as thats what he eats, its what keeps him "living", so i guess its that, thats what ive always taken it as anyway lol
yeah I see what your saying cause eaither way it goes he has blood in his body (veins)
I always thought vampires burnt to a crisp in the sun...but I like that they shine like diamonds. He has blood in him...he's just dead. His heart doesn't beat.
Yes I love the way he sparkles too it makes him just beautiful... so I know. And I don't know why but I love his ways more than Jacob's I guess cause he's a Vampire! And all that Belongs too him. like the running and the jumping you those things.


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