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I'm so po'd some one STOLE a very special book. It was about edward... well at least his point of veiw on EVERYTHING!!!!!! Write back if you are PO'D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some one was stupid enough to steal Meyer's newest creation. It was another Twilight book but in Edward's point of veiw. And someone stole it before it was even published!
It wasn't finished though right? It was just leak years ago?
It was all most done. Mabey it was 2-3 years ago someone stole it
Doesn't matter time just makes me mad still.

your right it really doesn't matter when it was soposted have been done  the fact of the matter it was still done

and it makes me mad to.

I know anyone that is Team Edward should be mad!
i know it makes me really mad why is it when ever someone see's someone eles hard work thay want to take it  i just don't understand people anymore. i love twilight  and i love edward to so when i hear stuff like this it hurt's me to know that someone whould do that.
of course i'm PO'd. who wouldn't be?
I know we need justice we need to find out who stole the book!
that is very upsetting about the book!  but that was a long time ago!   i am sure the person who did that got caught!  i don't want to b rude or anything but things u r talkin about happened a long time ago!  they r not 4 gotten but just not fresh in the mind!  i think everyone is mainly concentrating on up to date news and the breaking dawn movie coming out in nov.!!!!!
If you think about it, November isn't that far away. Yes, it's a pain having to wait but time is getting by and November will be here sooner than we realize.  :o)


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