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Hi everyone,

I am doing a survey for school of how many guys like twilight. If you would please comment down below to show you are a fan that would be much appreciated

Thanks a lot.


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I'm 68 years old and a retired Air Force Major, I started reading the Twilight Saga upon the recommendation of my adult daughter as she knew I loved the J.R.R. Tolkin fantasy books. I found Stephenie Meyer to be the best writer I've had the pleasure of reading and love her books. I've read "Twilight" three times, "New Moon", twice, "Eclipse" three times and "Breaking Dawn" three times. I've also read "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" once and my favorite of all (the unauthorized release of 264 pages of "Midnight Sun") four times. I want to buy the authorized version of "Midnight Sun" if she ever allows it to be published as it provides so much more insight into Edward and the Cullens in general! Of course, I've also seen the films in the theaters and have a DVD of both "Twilight" and "Eclipse". 
I am a gay guy who is a fan of Twilight to no end. I have all five books, all three movies, all three posters of Edward, a Cullen wristcuff I wear daily, several companion books, and the Twilight in Forks DVD. My current partner understands my crush on Edward. As a guy who likes Twilight I have often faced ridicule. One immature club at my university booed me out entirely. While I will not be going back there, I have published a review to help people understand my admiration for the series. It is attached.
like??? i just love twilight saga...m crazy about it and rob....the series is superb n so is rob...cant wait for BD....counting the days...


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