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Hey all well im sure we all have fellins that we have trouble with or have nobody that will listen... so I made this discussion so that everybody can express how they feel about anything like at school or boys or work or anything like that... I'll go first if u dont mind.... I have the biggest crush ever on my best guy friend but he doesn't like me he only likes girls who are well i aint goin to say what they are but yall know.. So it makes me mad most of the time..



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lol yea i get so mad so easily some times and then i get like mood swings sometimes !!! it makes me so mad....
I am bypolar so its kinda bad with moods
oh i swear sometimes i think i am bypolar
my babydaddy wants to take our daughter to Texas to see his family. That doesnt sound like a problem but to me it is. Shes six months old and he hasnt seen her in five months. he's always putting work in front of it when in reality it has nothing to do with it. to make things worse, his family doesnt call to see how she's doing they dont even facebook me to see how she is. the never sent her anything which i dont care too much for, but its the fact they claim they want to be in her life and they live two hours away from me and yet they dont make the effort, not even by a phone call. shoot my babydaddy doesnt make an effort by a phone call. im all for him spending time with her, but, idk. should i even let him?

I think you should cause my dad he isnt really in my life and my life is kinda messed up but I think you should go with your hearr krisrahra

well i would tell him that if he even barley sees her then he needs to spend some more time with the baby before taking her anywere

ok. everyone everywhere are losers. i dont care if their brad pitt or the boy in the back of your class digging his nose. we're all losers. 


but in all honesty, boys will be boys and check out the females assets. lol. thats just them. its like its incripted in their dna or something. you can have the sweetest most gentlemen like guy in the world..but honey when you aint looking hes checking you out. aint nothing wrong with the checking, as long as he aint talking to them, its cool. as long as he doesnt overstep his boundaries of which you made, its cool. but if he only wants the fast ones in school and your not it and hes dating you thinking he can get some, let him go and dont shed a tear over him. he aint worth it. 




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