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Hey all well im sure we all have fellins that we have trouble with or have nobody that will listen... so I made this discussion so that everybody can express how they feel about anything like at school or boys or work or anything like that... I'll go first if u dont mind.... I have the biggest crush ever on my best guy friend but he doesn't like me he only likes girls who are well i aint goin to say what they are but yall know.. So it makes me mad most of the time..



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What a great idea. Hopefully people will find this very comforting.
yea cause I feel like I can always express myself on this website..idk why

Just tell him how you feel and see where it goes.


My younger brother and I are estranged, how do we fix it?

well Not to be nosy but what does Estranged mean ? u dont have to tell me if u dont want to



do u mean yal dont talk to each other... ( im so sorry that im so nosy i just dont get the situaion

yes. we live 10 miles form each other. we don't even see each other.
oh well maybe u should invite him over to ur house or start to talk to him just a little bit on the phone and aplogize even if u didnt do nothing cause family is important
my grades are terrible this semester and i'm so gonna get it
well i learned a while back that grades aren't as important in life as everybody says they are.. i guess they are important but dont stress over them !!
shhhhhhhw im so mad right now,..,..... idk if i can control my anger.. i feel like killin somebody !!!! but i aint goin to cause well i dk why im not i guess cause i dont want to get in trouble !!! i swear i get so mad so easly
yeah i feel like that sometime but i won't either i don't wanna get in trouble


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