The Twilight Saga

exampleess you carry it on !

Edward Cullen: is bored :[
- Jasper: Where's Bella?
- Edward: On her period.
- Bella: Don't just tell everyone that I'm on my period! :/
- Edward: Why? You are.
- Bella: Well I don't tell everyone you sparkle like a f*****g fairy in the sun or that you won't have s**until we're married even though I'm so up for it. You're not a real vampire! You're just a f*****g sparkly emo B***H!
Bella has changed her relationship status to single.
- Jacob likes this.

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FB status

Renessmee Cullen: is running away from Jacob

- Edward likes this.

-Edward: finally you're leaving that mutt

- Bella: why are running from him?

-Renessmee: he was humping my leg... again

-Bella: *sigh*

Edward: is celebrating that Renessmee has left Jacob

-Renessmee and Jacob and 15 others dislike this.

-Renessmee: i didnt leave him like that!

-Jacob: yeah we're still in love

-Edward: d*** it...


lol xx


Facebook Status

Edward: I <3 Bella

Bella: Likes this

Jacob: Dislikes this

Jacob: Why don't you leave that bloodsucker!

Bella: Jacob we already talked about this, I thought you understood!

Jacob: -Goes on app that gives kisses, joins the app then sends one to Bella-

Bella: Ugh Jacob! -uses smiley emoticons to punch Jacob- -puts a mad and sad face after-

Edward: You don't ever touch her virtual face of will again!

Jacob: She's not sure what she wants!

Edward: Well let me give you a clue, -finds an app for clues- read this JACOB!

Jacob: -reads- Wait for her to say the words.

Jacob: And she will.

Charlie: Whoa, whoa this instant messaging has gone crazy, what's wrong.

Jacob: I sended a kiss to Bella.

Jacob: She broke her hand hypotheically, by virtually punching my face.

Jacob: It was a total social network misunderstanding.

Edward: -grouchy face- -goes offline-

Bella- NO!

Jacob: Likes this.

Bella: -goes offline-

Jacob: Damn, YOVILLE TIME! :D

If you realized part of the conversation was quoted in the movie with a twist of facebook in it XD
That's classic!!!! lol


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