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This is my 3rd fan fic! This is your typical Edward/Bella story, with a couple of twists. Everyone is famous. Emmett and Bella are siblings while Edward and Rosalie are cousins. Jacob and Jasper appear later. Their band is called Doomsday. So Edward and Bella fall in love, and all goes ok, until Edward makes a big mistake...


DISCLAIMER- sadly, I don’t own twilight or any of the characters except the ones that I made up. List of characters are down below


List of main characters-


Bella Swan (Isabella Marie Juliet Swan)- 21, singer/actress

Eddi C (Edward Anthony Masen Cullen)- 23, singer/actor

E.S.S (Emmett Steven Swan)- 24, rapper

Rose Hale (Rosalie Lillian Elizabeth Hale)- 22, supermodel

Jasper Whitlock (Jasper Jackson Whitlock)- 24, lead guitarist in Doomsday

Alice Rivera (Mary Alice Cynthia Brandon)- 21, fashion designer

Jacob Black (Andrew Jacob Marshall Black)- 23, lead drummer in Doomsday


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Ch. 1 (Bella POV)


8:00. Damn it. I was late, again. Emmett and Alice were throwing him his 25th birthday party. Of course the paparazzi just had to follow me.


I’m famous. And when you’re famous, life is ALWAYS ridiculous. Being famous isn’t all berries and cream. Always busy, never slowing down, and all the PRESS. They can be sooo annoying sometimes. I was the best actress and singer of 2010. Or at least that’s what People Magazine said about me. Hmm.


Emmett and Alice are famous too. Emmett, or better known by his stage name E.S.S, was always followed by some idiot girls who all had either his newest album or a heart tattoo that said his name in the middle. Talk about crazy. Alice was the best fashion designer of the century, and she’s only 21, like me. Her real last name is Brandon, but she changed it to Rivera saying it had a stylish ring to it. People like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren had a hard time keeping up with all the orders she was getting.


I check my watch again. 8:13. Great. I call Alice.


“Bella? Why aren’t you here yet?”


“Sorry, Alice. Paparazzi everywhere. Ugh.” I groan.


“Where are you? I’ll send Arnie to pick you up.” Arnie was Alice’s personal bodyguard. Alice has claustrophobia, and the press and fans weren’t helping. Arnie took care of that. One look at him and everyone was at least 35 feet from Ali.


“Thanks Alice. I’m at the intersection between 3rd and King Street.” I hang up and wait behind some bushes. 10 minutes later, Alice’s black Mercedes shows up. I get up and run to the car. Arnie rolls down the window and glares at the press. Everyone backs away. Ha.


“Thanks, Arnie. You’re the best.” I breathe, relieved.


“No probs, Bells.” He smiled. He might be a bodyguard, but he was one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life. “ They must have harassed you bad, if they had you huddled up in a bush for safety.” He chuckles. I laugh with him.


“Yeah. Alice is so lucky, she has someone like you.” I said. Instead of a bodyguard, Arnie was more like an overprotective brother to Alice. He was always there for her.


“Maybe you should get a bodyguard.” He looks back at me.


“Maybe I should. I’ve never thought about that. But the best one is already taken.” I tell him.


“That’s a lie and you know it.”


“Sure it is, Arnie.” I roll my eyes. “You know I suck at lying. You’re just way too modest.”


“Ha.” He snorted once.


“Where are we going, anyways?” I ask. Arnie parked the car in a private lot next to a boat dock.


“Didn’t Emmett tell you? His beach house took up most of the island, so he was like ‘what the heck?’ and bought the whole island.” Oh, so that’s why. Should have guessed. Emmett loved spending money, no matter what he was spending it on. He opens the car door for me.


“Lets go, Miss Teen Sensation.” Arnie leads me to a small yacht. It was Emmett’s birthday present from our parents 3 years ago. He named it ‘Superstar’.


Arnie drove the boat to a small island. The sun was setting right over it. It was a breathtaking image. I could tell from the music that Emmett was having a party.  A huge one, too, no doubt. Arnie parks the boat and helps me get off. Emmett runs over and crushes me in a huge bear hug.


“I thought you wouldn’t make it!” He yells.


“I thought I wouldn’t either. Those paparazzi almost killed me back there.” I laugh. He puts on his biggest grin. “Oh, and happy birthday, bro.”


I hand him a white envelope. He stares at it. His jaw drops.


“You didn’t.”


“I did.” I smile. He slowly opens the box and screams like a little girl when he sees what’s inside.


“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE THE BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Emmett is practically doing cartwheels out of happiness.


He looks at his tickets to the 2010 Dealership Car Convention (A/N: I made this up). It was his dream to get tickets for it after he saw the 2007 one on TV last year. And those tickets didn’t come cheap, either. The reason they were so pricey was because they were very rare. Very few people got the tickets free. The guy I bought them from had 6. I bought them all.


“How did you manage to get so many? I couldn’t even get 1!” Emmett looks at me enviously.


“Lets just say I have my sources.” I smile. Emmett’s the best brother I could have ever wished for. I would do anything to make him happy.


“Here,” Emmett hands me two tickets. “You and your date are going to come with me! I’m going to give Alice two too.” Emmett grabs my arm and drags me to the house. Everybody Emmett knew was there. He set me down and went over to flirt with Angelina Jolie. I partied for a long time. It was fun. I had a few drinks, so I went outside to clear my head.


I walked out to the beach and sat down. I gazed at the sky. The stars were bright tonight. I could name a couple of constellations, too. Someone sat down next to me.


“Mind if I sit here?” He asked.


“No.” I looked at him. His face seemed familiar. Very familiar. I rubbed my eyes. I looked at him again.


“You’re Eddi C.” I just stared at him.


“And you’re Bella Swan.” He replied.


“I liked to be called Bella.” I was still staring. His emerald eyes were captivating. I realized what I was doing and blushed. I looked at my feet.


“I liked to be called Edward.” His voice was like velvet, smooth and persuasive. He reminded me of a Greek god.  Edward smiles at me. And I might have as well died right there. His smile was so… so… I was at a loss for words.


“You’re much different than what all those magazines say about you.” He lays down in the sand and glances at me.


“So are you.” What a smart response, Bella. I mentally smack myself.


“So…” We both didn’t have much to say. I start to dig a hole next to me.


“How long have you known Emmett?” I ask. Emmett never told me he was friends with Eddi C, or um, Edward.


“He asked me a few months ago if I would sing with him in his upcoming single. At first, I wasn’t so sure if I should, but as I got to know him, he was pretty cool. ” Edward messes his hair. He’s so beautiful when he does that. Did I seriously think what I think I just thought? I just met him! “Seriously, none of those magazines tell the truth.”


“Yeah. That’s why I avoid those. It’s all full of crap.” I hated what those people said about us. Why don’t they just mind their own business? How would they feel if someone kept on intruding into their personal lives?


“But you have to admit, it’s pretty funny when you read what they write about you and how wrong they are. Talk about a wild imagination.” Edward sighs.


“True.” I remembered when Ok! wrote that Alice and Emmett weren’t fully human, because they were part of some mutant experimentation as babies. While the outside world might take it seriously, Emmett, Alice, Arnie, and I had a good laugh over that.


Edward and I just kept random conversations. It was weird. After two hours of random talking, we learned a lot about each other. He always wanted a music career, and was happy with where he was now. His favorite colors were blue and brown. He’s father left him and his mom when he was only 3. Edward’s mom, Esme, got remarried to his step dad, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, 10 years ago. He was happy for them. Edward was a really amazing guy. He was smart, funny, and polite.


It was nearly 2 AM when we slowed out talking.


“Hey, Bella.” I turn my head. “Are you doing anything next Friday?”


“Um, no. Why?” I gaze into his eyes.  The emerald color was much brighter than when we first started talking. He gave me a crooked grin which took my breath away.


“I was wondering, if, um… you wanna go out with me?” Edward looked down, playing with his fingers. I sat there for a moment. Did he really just ask me to go on a date with him? He misunderstood my silence. “If you don’t want to, it doesn’t have to be a date. I mean, we could-” I cut him off.


“No. Wait. I want to go out with you.” I smile at him. Edward gives me another crooked grin. He leans in and kisses me. It was the best kiss I have ever experienced. Unlike most guys, he was gentle. We were kissing for a while until Emmett jus had to ruin the moment.


“Aww, my little Bellsie is finally growing up! Took you long enough, little sis.” He boomed. I jump back surprised. Edward and I both glare at him.


“Go find someone else to bother, Emmett.” I spat at him. Geez, this guy needed to look up the word ‘privacy’ in the dictionary.


“Nope” He said, popping the p. “I have to make sure my little sis is being safe. You and I need to have a talk about s-”


“EMMETT!!!!!!” A scream from inside the house stopped him for a moment. Thank god. Jessica, Emmett’s ‘girlfriend’, furiously came up to us and started punching Emmett. Hard.


“Ouchies! That hurt, Jessie!” Emmett gave her a puppy dog face. She thrust a ruined dress in his face. She, and not to mention the dress, was covered in mud.


“Emmett. You SAID that you wouldn’t pull jokes like this on me!!!! You told me a week ago that it would be the last time!!!!! HOW DARE YOU? That’s it!!!! We’re over!!! And don’t even think about seeing me again!!!” Jessica stomped off to the boat and her butler, Mike, drove the boat out of sight.


Edward looked stunned. “Well, that was… unexpected.”


“Yup. Um, Emmett. Why exactly did you cover Jessica and her dress in mud?” I asked him. He looked completely relaxed.


“Easy. I wanted to break up with her.” Emmett shrugged.


“Then why didn’t you just tell her?”


“That would be boring, Bella. It’s much more fun when and ugly relationship ends with a bang.” Emmett acts like as if this is what a normal person would say. I raise my eyebrows.


“Or maybe you just didn’t have the heart to tell her.” Edward smirked.


“Not true!” Emmett whined. “I do have the heart! It’s just so funny when you see her face!” He laughed again. Another girl started running towards us from the house.


“Exactly how many girls did you prank?” I raise my eyebrows again.


“Just Jess. I have no idea who the that girl is.” Emmett squints his eyes. I do the same.


“Rose?” Edward asks. The girl slows down and starts laughing. She also had a familiar face.


“Hey, Edward. Did you just see Jessica? That was the funniest thing EVER. Who did that to her anyways?” She kept on laughing.


“I did.” Emmett stares at the girl. “Wow, you’re beautiful.” He continued to stare, which made her blush.


“Oh, I should introduce you.” Edward looks at us. “This is my cousin Rosalie Hale. She’s a model for Vogue.”


“So that’s where I’ve seen you before.” I smile at her. “Nice to meet you.”


Emmett still didn’t say a word. He kept on staring at her with his jaw dropped. I put his head between my hands and close his mouth.


“If you keep on gaping like that, you’re fans will mistake you for a fish.” I tell him. Edward chuckles. His laughter sounds like bells ringing. It was a beautiful sound. Emmett blinks.


“Sorry. So, um, are you guys gonna stay over? I have 4 guest rooms left.” Emmett looks at us. “Or you guys can take a boat back.”


“Im staying. I bet the paparazzi are camped out at the dock waiting for me to come back.” I laugh. What people would do for just a couple of pictures.

“Same here.” Edward gets up. “My hotel is in L.A and I don’t feel like checking into another one.” He gives me his special grin for the 3rd time tonight. My heart skipped a beat.


“Ok. Grab whichever room you guys want. 3rd floor.” Emmett went back to staring at Rose. She giggled. They went back to the house together.


“Let’s go, Bella.” Edward holds out his hand. I eagerly grab it and we walk back. Edward leads me to my room and gives me a kiss.


“Goodnight, beautiful.” He whispers in my ear. I blush and he walks to his room. I open my door and crash on the bed without bothering to change. I soon fell asleep, dreaming of his emerald green eyes.


I hope you guys liked that!!! Ive been wanting to write this story for a loooooooong time!! :D 


oh, and here's a pic of emmett's beach house-

and a pic of arnie-

luv it, 1st ever to make a comment on this story, i feel so accomplished, lol jk
thnx! i just realized that i posted this in the team edward discussion. haha. it was meant to be posted on fan fic but.... oh well. :)
wow nice chapter .. i luv it :)
thnx! :D glad u liked it
thnx, twilight babe!
A great first chapter. You should definitely keep writing it. Can't wait for more :)
ill post more when i can. :)
Really good story..update soon and please let me know when you do...
thnx kelley!
i luv it


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