The Twilight Saga

This is my 3rd fan fic! This is your typical Edward/Bella story, with a couple of twists. Everyone is famous. Emmett and Bella are siblings while Edward and Rosalie are cousins. Jacob and Jasper appear later. Their band is called Doomsday. So Edward and Bella fall in love, and all goes ok, until Edward makes a big mistake...


DISCLAIMER- sadly, I don’t own twilight or any of the characters except the ones that I made up. List of characters are down below


List of main characters-


Bella Swan (Isabella Marie Juliet Swan)- 21, singer/actress

Eddi C (Edward Anthony Masen Cullen)- 23, singer/actor

E.S.S (Emmett Steven Swan)- 24, rapper

Rose Hale (Rosalie Lillian Elizabeth Hale)- 22, supermodel

Jasper Whitlock (Jasper Jackson Whitlock)- 24, lead guitarist in Doomsday

Alice Rivera (Mary Alice Cynthia Brandon)- 21, fashion designer

Jacob Black (Andrew Jacob Marshall Black)- 23, lead drummer in Doomsday


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