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Ok so I had this awesome idea whilst watching Twilight! I haven’t quite worked out all the kinks yet but I’m just going to post the opening like paragraph and see what you all think before I even think about posting more! OK


So basically there is this boy called Edward Mason (in one of the chapters i put Stewart- but a kind reader pointed out the name i actually wanted xD) whose best friend is Jacob Black- who just happens to be a werewolf!
Edwards’s life is pretty normal until he meets the girl of his dreams called Isabella (Bella) Cullen (the vampire, with a vamp family which is the Cullens). But she is hiding a dark secret that Edward will soon find out.  Just heads up if it fails I do apologize for taking up your time! Here Goes!




Another semester at Forks High School. Joy. Except with a few new editions. The school has been buzzing about a new family- the Cullens. They moved here from Alaska. Everyone is talking about them, they probably aren’t that special- but a new family in Forks will be big news for this small town.


I sat in my seat in Biology alone, since Jacob became a wolf I had no-one to sit with in most of my classes. Jacob Black has been my best friend since kindergarten and his family just happens to be decedents of wolfs! Apart from being pretty awesome, I never get to see him.

"Hey Eddy." Jessica Stanley said to me. Oh great I thought to myself. I forced a smile and replied."Hey Jess, its Edward- you should know that by now!" I forced a laugh and jokingly punched her on the arm. She laughed along and walked away- she didn’t know the true intentions of that punch. Jessica Stanley was the high school "mean girl". She gossiped and started rumours about everyone, although she has always had a soft spot for me.

"Alright class settle down" Mr Stos hurriedly walked in. I doodled on the desk waiting for the lesson to begin.
"We have a new student joining us today- Miss Isabella Cullen"
"It’s just Bella" a velvety bell voice sounded. I whipped my head up and had my breath taken away- as did every other boy in class. This Bella girl was unlike anyone i have ever seen. Her chestnut brown hair caressed her heart shaped face. Her deep set amber eyes panned the room. She had pale white skin that seemed to almost glow. She smiled at Mr Stos- surprisingly he blushed, but who wouldn’t. Her smile was dazzling; she had pearly white teeth and a cute dimple, almost invisible to the eye set in the corner of her mouth. I only realised I was staring when she gave me an odd look. I lamely smiled at her and lowered my head to draw on my book. Smooth move!


OK so tell me what you think- if i should carry on, or if it just won't work :P

Lav yah Twilighters! <3


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hey Abby
You are doing GREAT PLZ write more sooooonn
Hey guys! OMG I am so sorry I haven’t updated in like years! But here it is! I had to work out how to… you’ll see. I really hope you like this and really hope you approve to be honest! So the last bit is the like twist thing- you will see all what happens in chapter 14! Enjoyy! PLEASE keep commenting!

Chapter 13-Honeymoon

Watching her walk down that aisle welled my non heart. She smiled at me and I couldn’t take my eyes of her beauty.
“Congrats Edward and Bella” A strawberry blonde woman made her way over to us. The music was just background noise, everyone was buzzing about the wedding.
“Hi I’m Tanya” She waved. I smiled warmly back and then our wedding song came on. She whisked me to the dance floor with everyone watching. Bella leaned towards my ear and whispered.
“Mike is already asking everyone about Tanya.” I chuckled in her ear as we swayed side to side, bodily close. When the song finished we got a congratulations from everyone. The last person to come up to us was Angela.
“You guy’s, moved me to tears! I just hope when I get married I am as happy as you two- it just shows with everything you do.” She smiled tearfully and embraced us. Then something itched my nose and burned the inside. I whipped my head around and looked in the trees to see a familiar bronze bare body. Bella looked at me with pained eyes. I looked around for Carlisle and beckoned him over.
“There is a certain wolf in the shadows- get everyone inside for when we cut the cake.” I whispered to him he nodded and called the crowd to go inside. With Bella at my side we walked to the trees then there he was with a pained, angry look on his face.
“What so I wasn’t invited to the wedding?” he said. I inhaled deeply- then quickly regretted it.
“Take your odour and leave.” Bella read my mind.
“Why are you here Jacob? I thought you hated me and wished me dead because I was turned.”
“Well I just wanted to say that we have picked up a new scent around town.” He crossed his arms around his chest and furrowed his brow.
“Ok great. Thanks for telling us- now I am going to enjoy the rest of my wedding night with my wife.” We walked away leaving him there to go cut our cake.

It made this day even better- Edward standing up for us and walking away. We cut the cake and stuffed in each other’s faces- we made it look like we were eating it for the humans but it really did smell awful.
After an awesome party I went upstairs to get dressed to leave.
We said our goodbyes and everyone wished us a happy honeymoon- I am so ecstatic, I can’t wait! Carlisle walked to the car with us and gave us a piece of paper.
“This is the directions to Isle Esme” he smiled kindly at us then we got into Edwards silver Volvo and headed for the airport.

At the airport there were so many people staring at us!
Look at that beautiful couple over there
They seem like they were made for each other
I pushed past everyone’s thoughts and focused on catching our flight.
“Bells, did you realise that these were first class seats” I nodded and shrugged- he still didn’t understand how good we are for money. We got to our gate just as our flight was being called and got on the plane and got comfortable.
“Ok so the directions next are to go to the dock and find a boat with Isle Esme. From there follow on north.” I nodded and led my head on his shoulder.
The whole flight Edward stroked my hair and hummed my lullaby. Which reminded me!
“Hey um that’s my lullaby isn’t it.” I giggled behind my hand. He looked at me then shrugged.
“Yeah it is- how do you know? Read my mind or something?”
“Nope. When I came to your window one night.” I trailed off and widened my eyes. I never told him about my night visits. He looked at me confused.
“My window? You came to my window? You’re a little perv aren’t you.” He ruffled my hair and chuckled.
“Yeah well- anyway. You were playing the piano- beautifully- and then your mum asked you what it is called you said you didn’t know but in your mind you said Bella’s Lullaby. That’s when I knew that you liked me back.” Edward looked deep into my eyes and a huge grin plastered his face.
The rest of the plane flight was boring. Everyone would stare and whisper about us, and the men on the plane were very imaginative. When it finally landed we proceeded to baggage claim.
“Ok flag a taxi.” I said to Edward as I hauled the bags on my shoulders. I wasn’t quite sure why we had bags- we didn’t really need them- but Alice insisted on me taking clothes- but she also packed me some very sexy underwear, which was for Edwards benefit. Once he flagged a taxi we proceeded to the docks.
“Ok it’s this one.” Edward pointed to a small speedboat with Isle Esme written on the side in italics. It was so cute! Edward sped across the water going north- he looked so happy on the boat- I know what I am getting him for Christmas now.

About 45 minutes later we looked on the horizon and saw a small exclusive island. It was gorgeous. I immediately thought it was Isle Esme. Edward sped on- eager to get there. When we did arrive we docked the boat and I grabbed the bags. But Edward had other plans, he mashed his lips to mine with a furious kiss and scooped me in his arms and headed up to the house- never breaking the kiss. Man he was a good kisser- I didn’t really notice the décor of the house. Apparently nor did Edward.
Where’s the bedroom. Can’t find it! Don’t wanna look!
I laughed against his lips and jumped out of his arms. He pouted at me huffed.
“Come on Mister Cullen.” I winked at him then he furrowed his brow.
“Wait wait wait! I’m mister Cullen? I thought you were Mrs Bella Mason.” I chuckled and kissed him seductively, making him want more.
“I like it Mister Cullen- Bella Mason doesn’t have the same ring to it. Now are you coming or not?” I whispered in his ear.
“Yeah, uh…sure…yup…hmmh.” I laughed at how I had affected him; he couldn’t form a coherent sentence. We walked up the stairs until we came to a gorgeous room that was a light blue and cream colour. The light form the sunset contrasted with the room making it almost glow. There was a huge bed in the middle with intricate details on the bed posts. Apparently Edward didn’t take notice and beat me to the ground.
“Edward…there is…a…bed…right…there-“ I said between kisses.
“Ssh-don’t ruin the moment.” Edward cut me off and unbuttoned his shirt.
Tonight was going to be the honeymoon dream.

He kissed the top of my head and I sighed happily.
I loved being so close
I chuckled and reached up to kiss him.
“We have done…that before- I wander why it was so amazing this time.” He looked at me thoughtfully.
“Maybe it’s cause we are married now- it is special.”
“I love you so much- you know that right?” he smiled and kissed me passionately.

The honeymoon went perfect. We travelled around the island going for hikes and going swimming-It was perfect! I never wanted to leave- but we needed to. We had already been there for about two weeks, and felt it was time to go. Before we left we decided to hunt. We went to the main island to taste the local cuisine.
“I can’t ever really get over the feeling of running” Edward said as we sped through the trees. I stopped in my tracks and held Edward close to me.
“I can smell a human. Wait. That doesn’t smell- that smell is-off.” I followed the smell and came across a dead body-sucked of all life. Next to the body was a baby.
“That baby has been-“ I couldn’t finish my sentence.
“Bitten.” Edward stated as he got closer. I knelt beside the screaming baby.
“What the hell are we supposed to do?”
oh my...what are they going to do with the baby??write more!!!!!!!
wow.......wt abt the baby?
continue.... please, please, please!!!! :D :D
The story is becoming more and more interesting now. Please please post more soon. I'm so impatient to know what happens.
more ASAP
kwl! cant wait 4 ch 14!
o'no this cant be good... what will they do?
That was the exact reaction i was looking for!
I will be posting the next one soon, im just trying to...figure out a few things!
SO glad you liked it though!
You will find out- soon >:)


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