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Ok so I had this awesome idea whilst watching Twilight! I haven’t quite worked out all the kinks yet but I’m just going to post the opening like paragraph and see what you all think before I even think about posting more! OK


So basically there is this boy called Edward Mason (in one of the chapters i put Stewart- but a kind reader pointed out the name i actually wanted xD) whose best friend is Jacob Black- who just happens to be a werewolf!
Edwards’s life is pretty normal until he meets the girl of his dreams called Isabella (Bella) Cullen (the vampire, with a vamp family which is the Cullens). But she is hiding a dark secret that Edward will soon find out.  Just heads up if it fails I do apologize for taking up your time! Here Goes!




Another semester at Forks High School. Joy. Except with a few new editions. The school has been buzzing about a new family- the Cullens. They moved here from Alaska. Everyone is talking about them, they probably aren’t that special- but a new family in Forks will be big news for this small town.


I sat in my seat in Biology alone, since Jacob became a wolf I had no-one to sit with in most of my classes. Jacob Black has been my best friend since kindergarten and his family just happens to be decedents of wolfs! Apart from being pretty awesome, I never get to see him.

"Hey Eddy." Jessica Stanley said to me. Oh great I thought to myself. I forced a smile and replied."Hey Jess, its Edward- you should know that by now!" I forced a laugh and jokingly punched her on the arm. She laughed along and walked away- she didn’t know the true intentions of that punch. Jessica Stanley was the high school "mean girl". She gossiped and started rumours about everyone, although she has always had a soft spot for me.

"Alright class settle down" Mr Stos hurriedly walked in. I doodled on the desk waiting for the lesson to begin.
"We have a new student joining us today- Miss Isabella Cullen"
"It’s just Bella" a velvety bell voice sounded. I whipped my head up and had my breath taken away- as did every other boy in class. This Bella girl was unlike anyone i have ever seen. Her chestnut brown hair caressed her heart shaped face. Her deep set amber eyes panned the room. She had pale white skin that seemed to almost glow. She smiled at Mr Stos- surprisingly he blushed, but who wouldn’t. Her smile was dazzling; she had pearly white teeth and a cute dimple, almost invisible to the eye set in the corner of her mouth. I only realised I was staring when she gave me an odd look. I lamely smiled at her and lowered my head to draw on my book. Smooth move!


OK so tell me what you think- if i should carry on, or if it just won't work :P

Lav yah Twilighters! <3


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you should carry on its actually quite gd carry on writing i want to know if her gets her or not lol gd work
Really? Ok then thats a start :)
Abby :-C
whats this?
U knw... Itz realy verry wierd being stop in the mid of a Superb tale..this broke the magical spell of the tale..
Dnt stare at me..
Go ahed.. I wanna enter to Edward stewarts and heart shape faced Bella cullens world Again..
Carry on guy..
It is the second fiction i loved in all of the fiction..

U mast carry the spell
plz carry on writing plz
I will :) im just need to brainstorm the next paragraph then woop! Im glad you like it! :)
OK second paragraph still Edwards POV

"Theres an empty seat" My heart stopped. I daren't look up just in case it is the seat next to me.
"Hi" i slowly lifted my head to see the girl of my dreams staring at me warmly.
"Hey uh hi, my name is Edward Stewart" My face flushed pink, Damn i hate being vulnrable. She smiled at me but her eyes seemed to widen and there was a hint of pain, she looked passed it and hurridly sat down and stared at the board. I coulnd't help but take a sneeky look at her. Oddly enough she was staring back. My eyes locked onto hers- it was as if i was drawn to her. I didn't even realise that Mr Stos asked a question.
"Miss Cullen, name the process that occurs in chloroplasts"
"Photosynthesis" she answered quickly. I didnt take notice that we were learning about plants- i just couldnt take my eyes off this mysterious girl. Do i have a chance? Or is this a lost cause, all the boys in the school are obviously lusting after her. She wont go for me. The bell went and i slumped off to my next class.
"So i will need a tour for the school- if you will help me?" The bell voice i couldnt get out of my head sounded close to me. I didnt even realise she was walking with me.
"Yeah sure i would be happy to help." i slurred my words out, unable to believe that she just asked me this! Out of everyone in the school me! This made me smile.
"You are the only person i have met so far, so i thought it best to ask you" She laguhed like a bell. It was as if she read my mind.
"Ok you have english next with Mr Birdy- me too" I smiled at her, she smiled back- it dazzled me everytime.
U should distract urself from the novel... I think...

But not bad at all.. Its Really good...
Very nice.
Haha, yeah me too!!! love this♥ it.... cant wait to read more.......


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