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Tell What was your favorite Edward moment that made you say.....Dang I want to be on his team!!!

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My favorite Edward moment was when Bella asked him--in 'Twilight'-- how long he's been 17, and he says, "A while,"
When he conets with their (his and Bella's) baby. It shows that he does care about it too.
my favourite moment it was when he asks bella to forgive him in new moon and that mart with the sky and the stars and when he says that he wanted to die because he thought that bella was died. i am addicted to romance:-P
My fave part is in New Moon when he proposes He says"Forget time limits .If u want me to be the one - then you'll just have to meet one condition............... Marry me first." When i read that i just couldn't believe it i just couldn't breathe it was breath taking. Gosh i just love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all, I was and will ALWAYS be on his team. I think that the part in Breaking Dawn, when he first sees Bella in her vampire form, and all of the times in Breaking Dawn when he doesn't have to hold back kissing her and hold back on other things, either,
My all time favorite moment was when Edward and Bella were alone the night before the big newborn fight and he proposes to her. Can't wait to see it played out in Eclipse.
I love in Twilight the prom scene in the movie and book also when Edward rescues Bella. Those little things he does and says just make me fall more in love with him. like if he just picks her up and says wat do u want 4 breakfast im like awwww. Or if he just smiles and kisses her its soo romantic. Hes just so freaking amazing i use 2 cry when i would just think of those moments. hes just so sweet.


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