The Twilight Saga

I'd like to know who everyone's favourite Cullen is (not counting Edward.)
Bella does count as a Cullen.
Unsurprisingly mine's Alice, who's everybody elses?

I'm opening a poll, please vote for your favourite girl and boy (other than Edward) and I'll count all the votes at the end of each week and see who's The Cullen Of The Week XD


Ok guys, votes for this week are as follows:

Boys, Joint 1st are Jasper and Emmett




Favourite Girl: Alice



Favourite Couple: Edward and Bella


Just as a note these options are not available for votes next week, however I would love to hear your comments.


Another note, please make sure if you are voting you set out your vote correctly, from next week I won't be counting comments as votes


A reminder of how to vote properly:

Boy-(boy you would like to vote for)

Girl-(girl you would like to vote for)

Couple-(couple you would like to vote for)





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i like Bella
but Alice is amazing
and Emmett is HILARIOUS
my favorite cullens is bella and alice
alice and jasper no doubt
Girl- Alice
Boy- Emmett
alice and jasper
Boy : I've no idea.
Girl : Alice :D
boy : jasper :D
girl : alice :-D
Alice & Carlisle
Boy-- hmm someone other than edward... hmmm... ok Emmett
Girl-- Alice :D
i would have to say if it was a........

boy: emmit- cuz not only is he like the big brother i wished i had but also cuz some how he is just so hot!!! not hotter then edward but hot!
girl: alice- cuz if i had her visions that would be so awesome
Since I can't vote for Alice, I would have to say its Emmet.


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