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So my friends have not been exactly kind to me when it comes to my Twilight obbsession and I constantly get made fun of and told that I'm to old to love this and it's only for kids, which is why I love this site because everyone here loves it and I don't get harassed. So I was just wondering how old everyone else is, I am 24 and people say I'm to old to love it, help me out!!!

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ha im 21 and my cosin is 25 and she has kids
Hey Michelle, I'm 25 years of age and i cop alot of crap for my twilight obsession as well. But i think it only makes it stronger for me... trust me you are not alone!!! Already made sure i got my premiere tickets to New Moon!!!
I'm 36 ! My husband thinks I'm crazy but he respects the fact that I'm fond of Twilight, he even came with to the the movie , and he will come with me to watch "Moonlight' on November, 18th , it is my present for my birthday!
Ok, I've got you beat..I'm 56...a grandmother, and I LOVE the series..young at heart??
im 19 and im also obsess with twilight. age doesnt matter. :) ...if your happy with it then continue. :)
I am 38 and I am obsessed with twilight and edward (Robert)
You are a baby sweetheart! I'm 34, I mean 35! LOL. I am always getting that wrong lately! I am OCD infront of certain people I know can handle it. And we are out there!! Oh yes :D I figure it's a love story firstly with a great triangle. My husband thinks it's for teens but he hasn't read it. Age is just a number remember. And that's from one Michelle Belle to another :D
PS (24 is a fantastic age!! ENJOY it)
PPS (My mum's in her 50's and she loves it).
I'm 23 aswell seems to be a popular age!But age doesn't matter!The book proves that!I just went to Twilight convention in Sydney(AUS), and their was ahuge variety of ages there from young girls to the Twilight mums and even grandmothers!It was good to see such a wide variety of people.It's a great bonding experience aswell for mothers who take their daughters along to these events or talk about the books/movie. Twilight fans are so nice aswell just thought i would add that i was talking to teenagers, mums etc, and made heaps of new friends that i wouldn't have necessarily made friends with!
god now i feel old im 27 on the 20th october i love twilight i dont care what people say
I'm 16 years old, but I feel olrer inside. Pls don't leasen to them. Twilight is for all the ages. What you like, it doesn't have to do with your age..! After all, I know so many others who are older than you and they LOVE Twilight, like we all do...
17, its good to have people who are over 18 and obsessed with the same thing we're obsessed with, it makes us feel older and not like little kids who love vampire books. so thanks for being with us! ps who says 24 is old!
I'm 19 and I get made fun of for it. haha =) it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still love/be obsessed with Twilight


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