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So my friends have not been exactly kind to me when it comes to my Twilight obbsession and I constantly get made fun of and told that I'm to old to love this and it's only for kids, which is why I love this site because everyone here loves it and I don't get harassed. So I was just wondering how old everyone else is, I am 24 and people say I'm to old to love it, help me out!!!

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Well im 31 so dont worry and have a 14 year old daughter who loves twilight
Thank god im not the only one,im 24(25 in feb) an i slightly over obsessed with twilight!!
My friends are the same, they think I'm 30 so I should really grow up. I won't even go into what my husband thinks!
oh my god i am 39 and love twilight.
I'm 24 and I'm in luck because almost all of my colleagues love Twilight and my friends just don't make a big deal out of my obsession, if it makes me happy, it's fine with them. My boyfriend didn't watch the movies or read the books, he's not into romance stories,as Twilight for him is a romance story, so he thinks it's funny how I watch the movies after I've seen them already and read the books over and over again, but he doesn't give me a hard time about it. As for the age thing, since when does age have anything to do with what a person likes, loves ... it's all in the mind and in the emotions, and these don't age like the body.
Im 12, but my mom is 41 and she likes it too soo :D
There is no age limit on fantasies, love or desires...I'm 36 and let someone tell me I'm too old to be obsessed with Twilight...EDWARD!!!! I will bite them, LOL!!
I'm 20 but who cares what they think as long as you personally enjoy it it shouldn't matter
i dont think theres anything wrong at all with liking twilight when youre 24. stephenie meyer's writing abilities are extremely descriptive, and most of the time, hard for those lil 12 year olds to comprehend. alot of her amazing writing is wasted on them. i say the older you are, the more of a right you have to read it, because you understand it better! get what i mean? hope i helped!!
I am 32 and married and obsessed. My husband, friends and family think i am insane as it is all i ever talk about!! They haven't read he books though so cannot possibly understand! I don't let any of them get to me, i just say read the books and you'll understand!!!
I am 45 and totally obsessed with the series!!!!!!! My at the time 13yr old daughter turned me on to the series. (she is not 15). For Christmas I bought her and ornament for our tree and it says " Twilight Saga its a mother daughter thing" She said it is now her favorite ornament ever. I am curious have the people who say your to old, read the books (not seen the movie) to really get twilight you have to read the books. Movies can come later.
r u kidding i am 30 and my daughter got me hooked it really is the best series i have ever read, my friends love it to and they r a range from 24-40 we all have tshirts that say twilight mom, and we wear them to the midnight opening in our town.


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