The Twilight Saga

Fifty Shades of Grey

Does any one know if these books are x-rated. I ordered, in haste, without checking. Also, are they in DVD form?
Please respond I am new to texting!!!!!!!! Thanks

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If you are under the age of 20 these books are no for you. If you are over that then you are fine. They are only in book form not dvd.

They are for females over eighteen and no they are not on dvd. at one time there was a story on here with the a similiar name that would let you know. They are bondage

Thank you. I watch the Twighlight series, all 4, at least 3 times a week and I have read the books maybe 3 times each. I love the first one, Twilight, the best. I love it when he finally introduces himself to Bella in the classroom and the seems not to be able to say what he wanted. He kept moving his lips before he said to her "hello. I am sorry I did not get to introduce myself last week. I am Edward Cullen. You are Bella? Next time you watch that movie, watch his facial expression. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

you are welcome. If you would be interested in reading a book that could be considered twilight, vampire diaries, lord of the rings and harry potter, i am an author and had my first book published in Setember last year. The name is: MY TORN HEART. My book is available for samples too on several sites. Please check it out if you really liked twilight I do believe you will like my book. Once you hit the last word of chapter four, that is when I have been told when they are reading they can't put down after until done. I am working on my second book now. More then likely it will be three to four volumes. I am writing about five to six books as of now. Would like to be friends. You do not have to read my book to be friends. I just wanted to let you know about it. Here is the cover:

Yes, I would like to be friends
Yes, I would like to be friends. Also where can I find your books. I would like to read.them. Annette

I hope you got my friend accept back. I am looking forward to being friends. My books are on Amazon, BarnesnNoble, google can also send to others. Also with books a million and other bookstores. I have some books myself that I will sale if intersted and will sign for you.

Got your note. I look forward to talking with you later.

By telling you this, you can be eight and read my book. My eleven year old neice read and my eight year old neice read too,

You have to be 18 and up to read these books! theyre not for the faint hearted!!


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