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Edward is winning right now. He's 2% over Damon at the moment. We need to put him way out there. Pass this to your friends ...LET"S DO THIS!!!! He wins this and he will be crowned the winner!


Go Edward...The ultimate sexy beast!!!!

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Edward is up to 56% and Damon is at 44%. I keep voting over and over and it seems to work. There are mostly Edward haters voting and commenting. We need to keep voting to keep Edward 1st. Edward all the way!!
I think you can vote as many times as you want, I've voted a few times x
Why are you on this site??
I never said Edward wasn't moody ------ my comment was on "heck no! go damon, the best sexy beast! .... duh everyone knows that!" If Becka C and you don't like Edward, go blog somewhere else. This is a site for Team Edward.
ooh noooo! i love them both so much how can i possibly pick 1!!!! :( :( :( im sorry damon..... so bad ... but edwards getting my vote i guess :L xxxx
I just voted and Edward is at 56% and damon is 44%
Edward is and 57% and Damon is at 43% so we're getting there slowly!
Voted! Go Edward!
Everybody needs to keep voting. As of 7:15 p.m. Edward is back down to 50% from 57%.
We need to keep voting. It's even between Edward and Damon. We need to keep voting to make sure Edward wins.
Voting close now. Damon is 3rd and Jacob has the 2nd place. The good new is...guess who won? The one and only Edward Cullen.
If you can, you need to vote again. Edward is losing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward is 49% and Damon is 51%. We can't let Edward lose, we need to keep voting. Anyone who hasn't voted yet, please please vote before midnight.


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