The Twilight Saga

If you had the choice would you want to turn into a vampire or a warewolf.

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Vampire! I love the cold (L)
Actually Am always FIRE so I think I need to be ICE "Vampy Vampy"
Vampire :)
Don't know. I think vampire, but I don't want to give up humen things like food and babies... I'll take whatever Renesme got...
vampire totally
i would like to be a vampire....i like vampiers very much....since i was a little girl... :X:X:X:X:X...
I would be a Vampire, you don't need to eat, sleep, use bathroom, you live for forever, (unless you break the laws and the Volutri find you, with Demetri then your screwed!) You have super-speed and when you are a newborn you have super-human strength for a year! A Werewolve you have to eat human food or animals (yuck!) Carry your clothes with you and if you haven't got your clothes like Jacob didn't then you have to be naked! Ew.
Vampire all the way :)
I chose vampire! Eternal life and yous soul dosen't leave you! You still have the choice over good and evil.


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