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This is the VERY first time that I've read the Twilight series... I received the books , from my sister-in-law, on May 19, 2012... I am on the first page of chapter 23 of the book "Breaking Dawn" and OMG... I have not been this captivated, since I read the "House Of Night" series... Haven't been able to put the books down... I'm not even done with the saga yet, and I'm obsessed.... AND I haven't even seen the movies.... For those of you who have been obsessed, how did you get over your obsession ??? lol HELP!!! I am a married mother of two... and I need to get away, but it is sooo hard... What did you guys do to help get over the obsession ???

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Honestly, there's not really a way. I just had to let it run its course. I've read the books several times, and seen the movies more than I care to count. I used to make myself late to work from reading in the mornings lol. See the movies when you're through reading. They're pretty good. But the books are always better.

Similar to the Harry Potter escapade that went on... lol I was the same way with those... lol I know the feeling... I read every chance I get! I will definitely see the movies! and of course, the books are always better! ;)

Yeah kinda, but I never had a devotion to HP. I liked the series, don't get me wrong, but it was miniscule compared to my fanatic-ness about Twilight. lol. Sad but true. :P

Oh, I understand... I really do... LOL HPs were hard to get into... but Twilight is freaking phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Ah Jessica, Jessica, Jessica.  It is hopeless you see.  Your life will never be quite the same.  All your beliefs are shot to ...well you know, and the best you can hope for is to be able to control it long enough to cook dinner and maybe bathe the kids...on a good night.  LOL

Finish reading the books.  Then read them again.  Then watch all the movies.  Don't forget to get the Illustrated Companion books for each movie.  Hang a couple of posters on the bedroom wall.  Google every single interview you can find on Twilight and the actors/characters.  Buy the set of journals and start keeping a diary.  And oh yeah, you are gonna soooo love the movie soundtracks.  Put Bella's lullaby as your ringtone on your cell phone, and buy a duffle bag with Edwards face on it.  Rue 21 sells the T-shirts.  Amazon sells duplicates of the Cullens' crest jewelry and wristcuffs, including Bella's  wedding ring, moonstone ring and bracelet.  Hang some christmas lights up in your bedroom. Right now I'm waiting for my local theater to announce when I can get my advance tickets for the 10 hour Twilight marathon in November.  

Obsession?   What obsession?  Oh yeah...definitely read Midnight Sun on Stephanie Meyer's website.  It's Edwards version of Twilight.  You will love him 10X as much, and I hope your husband's name is Edward, or at least something close, or you might be in big trouble very very soon.

I know... I'm hopeless... lmaooo.. Yes, they're all shot to... uhm... LOL I try to, but I tend to go outside a lot to smoke cigarettes, just to read a few pages... LOL I know... I have that problem.. All I want to do is read, read, read... But I know I have responsibilities...

I am reading them... lol I will read them again, once I get my own copies of them! My sister-in-law said I could borrow her movies too... then, if I like them, I will own them! Illustrated Companion books ? What are they ? I Google interviews already! LOL Why start keeping a diary ? What for ? I will have to save up for the CDs.. LOL Bella's Lullaby, I may have to do that.... Duffle bag with Edwards face? Not sure about that, but I wouldn't mind have a t-shirt! That's awesome! I love Amazon!! LOL I doubt my husband will let me hang Christmas lights in our bedroom... Ooh, that would be awesome! Maybe I can find a way to do that here!!

I will check Midnight Sun out when I'm done with Breaking Dawn... No, my husband's name isn't Edward :( It's Vincenzo... LOL

Thanks for the tips! :)

The Illustrated Companion books show how they made the movies, give interviews with the actors, lots of great photos, etc.  I dont' keep a diary, but I bought the journal set anyway.  They come in a tin box, one journal for each book, and they have quotes from the book on the pages.  Really pretty with covers that match the books.  I have all the CD's, I like Twilight and BD1 best.  Tell your husband the christmas lights are supposed to enhance your sex life....he will hang them for you.  LOL

Vincenzo...Edward...close enough.  

Ooh, okay... That's cool... I may have to do that... :)  I have fallen in love with Bella's Lullaby! XD They're supposed to enhance my sex life ? You're funny!!!! LOL Besides, I thought that black lights did that! LOL 

How is Vincenzo and Edward close enough? lol They sound nothing alike and they don't have a single letter in common... LOL (Sorry, had to... LOL)

lol! Vivian, I love this! Reading that was like.. my entire Twilight journey. I hope a theater near here will be doing the 10 hour marathon. That would be amazing! I have all the soundtracks on my phone. I just jam to them all the time.


Jessica - if you love them a much as I think you do, just get used to it. It never really goes away. Twilight is fully stamped in my life, and I've NEVER followed anything or any series in my life. Never. It's like a lifestyle.


And, Vivian forgot to mention that everytime you see a big, orange truck or a silver or navy Volvo, or a Jeep with huge lights, you'll freak. lol

Ooh, I love them... lol Is it bad, that they're in my dreams? Not like just one person, but I play out the story in my head when I sleep, anxious and awaiting my next venture into readingland... LOL Well, I've only followed two series, prior to the Twilight Saga.... I followed the Harry Potter series, and the House of Night series... Love them both!! You might like the House of Night series... They're a vampire set of stories... Very easy to get into, just like Twilight...

I've had soo many Twilight dreams. And I think about them all the time. Like I said, whenever I see a car like theirs in the movies, or certain phrases, and especially when I'm listening to the soundtrack, I play out the scenes in my mind. I will have to check into the House of Night series. I love anything vampire. They've always been a fav of mine.

LOL Yeah, I'm so totally having the Twilight dreams... ^_^.. Cool... I do that to Disney movies. LOL Yeah, it's a different outlook on Vampires, just like Twilight... It's pretty interesting... it's by P.C. & Kristin Cast... They're mother and daughter... :) There's a lot of books though... Last I look they were on like book 8 or 9... but they're not thick... Book 2 is 310 pages... lol


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