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This is the VERY first time that I've read the Twilight series... I received the books , from my sister-in-law, on May 19, 2012... I am on the first page of chapter 23 of the book "Breaking Dawn" and OMG... I have not been this captivated, since I read the "House Of Night" series... Haven't been able to put the books down... I'm not even done with the saga yet, and I'm obsessed.... AND I haven't even seen the movies.... For those of you who have been obsessed, how did you get over your obsession ??? lol HELP!!! I am a married mother of two... and I need to get away, but it is sooo hard... What did you guys do to help get over the obsession ???

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I used to dream about Edward a lot.  I've never done that before, and really thought I was too old for that, but apparently I'm still hot-to-trot in my dreams.  LOL 

I have read all the House of Night books and have them sitting on my shelf at home.  If you liked those you will like the Hush, Hush series and the Evernight series.  And possibly the Evermore series.

The only one I used to dream about is Gerard Butler *drools* LOL

I love the House of Night books... XD I only own two at the moment, but will hopefully own all soon! I'll have to check those out... One of my favorite Vampire book is, Bram Stoker's Dracula... lol

Don't forget to get The Official Illustrated Guide!  It has the backstories of all the characters and some useful information for anyone who wants to know more about the world of Twilight.

I saw something about that on the last page of "Breaking Dawn" Wasn't quite sure what it was.. lol Thanks!

I sooo relate to those comments! Good luck Jessica.

Thank you, Christa! :)

This article always cracks me up.. lol

lmaoooo wow... omg... I hope I don't turn into her!!! LOL

I don't think anything else will, except House of Night series but I only have two of those books in my possession... :(

I completely understand you obsession. I have it. when i get bored at home i emediately go to my book shelves and grab one of the twilight books or movies and watch them. i don't think its a huge problem. i think not to worry about it unless your whole house is covered in twilight stuff.(lol) ;)

I do kind of need to worry about it, only because of the fact, I have two small kids, who can't fend for themselves... If they were older, I wouldn't worry about it so much... My oldest is 3, and my youngest is 10 months... and I don't plan on having my whole house covered in Twilight Stuff... LOL

I'm not a mother, but i do have 5 pets, and your right they can't fend for themselves. I think once you finish the series you might feel better that you know the ending of a wonderful series. I know it made me feel better when i finished the series.:)


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