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This is the VERY first time that I've read the Twilight series... I received the books , from my sister-in-law, on May 19, 2012... I am on the first page of chapter 23 of the book "Breaking Dawn" and OMG... I have not been this captivated, since I read the "House Of Night" series... Haven't been able to put the books down... I'm not even done with the saga yet, and I'm obsessed.... AND I haven't even seen the movies.... For those of you who have been obsessed, how did you get over your obsession ??? lol HELP!!! I am a married mother of two... and I need to get away, but it is sooo hard... What did you guys do to help get over the obsession ???

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My kids will always come first.. Even when they're bigger... I'm almost done! I think it'll be a record for me... lol 4 books in a little over a month!! lol (June 19th was 1 month that I've been reading Twilight) I am now on Chapter 27, 12 pages in, on page # 536 :) I just hope my daughter will be as passionate about reading as I am... That kind of worries me some :/

if she is old enough, let her read. It is what got a lot of youngsters reading that and harry potter

My daughter is only 3... She can't read yet... lol

lol @ the comments.

You don't need to "get over" your obsession -- you just need to control it. Have fun, but don't force it on other people (like your kids); enjoy the ride that is the Twilight Obsession, but don't shirk your responsibilities. You could Google Twilight home decor ideas, if you want to add Twilight merchandise to your home but don't want to go overboard. You could set aside "Twilight Time" for yourself, so you don't leave your kids to "fend for themselves", as you put it. :D

Just my advice. But I'm sure you'll be fine. ;)

I'm not forcing it on anyone... I got into it because of my sister and sister-in-law... :) I'm not shirking my responsibilities, I just tend to get slow at them! LOL I've been working on putting aside "Twilight Time" and I never leave my kids to fend for themselves. They always come first, but when I'm done taking care of them for the time being, I pick up my book and I start reading... When I posted this discussion, I was on the first page of Chapter 23... I am now on page 12 of Chapter 27, page # 536 :) I just can't stop reading!!! LOL

Oh, I didn't mean that you do those things. I was just comparing an extreme case of obsession, to a normal one. :D Sorry if you felt I was accusing you of something. From your previous posts, it sounded like you wanted help to stop your obsession so it didn't get worse (which I'm sure it won't) -- I was just giving my ideas on that. :) And when I said "forcing it on others" I meant having a house filled with Twilight stuff, so everywhere they looked it would be Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. That's all. But, again, I wasn't implying your house was like that. :)

Not being able to stop reading is a feeling I know all too well, trust me. lol 

I understand... I'm not offended, by no means... I was just making a statement... Yes, I was asking for help on the whole obsession thing, which I think I have it fairly under control... :) My house is not filled with Twilight....... Yet.... lmaooo.. :) I'm sorry I made you feel that way, was not my intention... :) 

Yeah, it's hard to stop reading at times.... I love the House of Night series, and they were like Twilight... Captivating and hard to put down... lol :)

I still say If you enjoy it...immerse yourself in it.  I have a poster of Edward on my bedroom wall and I'm a 49 year old grandmother.  My grandson (13) is reading the books now, and he thinks its cool that Grandma reads the books and we listen to the soundtracks in my car.  I even bought the trivia game and we play it together.  I don't have Twilight stuff all over my house, but if I wanted to I would.  My family knows I'm half crazy anyway, so its not like I'm fooling anybody. LOL

Seriously though, (I joke a lot) nothing wrong with enjoying it and even obsessing a little.  There are many worse things you could be obsessing over.  It's a harmless habit by comparison.

I don't think you truly get over I have my moments and I have to "get my fix" so to speak..its like a drug ha ha ha so I just watch the movies or come on to this website. I am married and have two children 17 and 12 they think its so funny that I am so addicted but they feed into it by always buying me Twilight gifts, even my husband is in on it. My profile picture is a picture of my tote I got for mother's day, shall I say any thing Don't feel like your being weird, I am sure others on this site can vouch that we have all been through it. Wait till you watch the movies your really gonna be obsessed, my advice is don't fight it just come on line and we can all talk,,Enjoy!

First time was November 15 2009! I saw Twilight the movie in 2008 then i found out about the books! thatz when i got hooked
! to it. Books are always better!

I agree, books are always better!!! :)

still obsessed. i understand what you are saying. i am not your normal teeny in to twilight. i am the older version of twilighters. I have started writing my own books. That is what got me to quit obsessing so much, but i know the books and movies inside out. when you watch Twilight, make sure you watch Edward's lips right before... Not going to give away, just pay attention and you will see what he says. Have to be able to read lips half way decent or watch on computer that is close to you so you will see it better.


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