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This is the VERY first time that I've read the Twilight series... I received the books , from my sister-in-law, on May 19, 2012... I am on the first page of chapter 23 of the book "Breaking Dawn" and OMG... I have not been this captivated, since I read the "House Of Night" series... Haven't been able to put the books down... I'm not even done with the saga yet, and I'm obsessed.... AND I haven't even seen the movies.... For those of you who have been obsessed, how did you get over your obsession ??? lol HELP!!! I am a married mother of two... and I need to get away, but it is sooo hard... What did you guys do to help get over the obsession ???

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I am a little confused about the whole reason I need to read Edwards lips... I'm pretty good at lip-reading... I tend to watch mouths of actors as they talk or people I'm talking to (if I'm not looking them in the eye) lol Will have do that though when I get them in hand! :)

When Bella is in the car with Alice and Jasper. She is in back seat. That is all I shall give away. You will be able to see what he says that some were not sure if he said or not. Close to the end of movie. You will see what I am talking about

sorry but there's really no way to get over the obsession; you have to just finish and wait for whatever is next. also I've read all of the books in the H.O.N. series so far and twilight still has it beat!

I just finished The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn on Thursday, June 28, 2012. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! LOL Can't wait to own them myself so I can read them anytime I want!!! and I'm anxious to watch the movies as well... :) I love both Twilight and H.O.N. series... I just love Vampires... :) :)

Well, honestly its not something you can get rid off, but after you finish the entire series and watch the movies and read the books at least more than 2 times then you start to slowly back away from it at least thats wat happend to me. I looooooooooooove twilight, but then it died down a little but the passion is still there. It helps me to read them actually!!! Its an escape from reality so I suggest that you try to keep holding onto it because when you feel kind of stressed you should read twilight and slip away into happiness!!

there is no way to get over the obsession,trust least thats how it is for me,i have tried to get over the obsession but its just not i gave up on tring not to think about it and just enjoyed it

because twilight is awesome and i really don't mind it when people say to "your so obsessed with the Twilight Saga"because in my way its just what i love and i'm not ashamed of it.


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I have read the books 5 or so times each , the big thing is to let it run it's course for your first time reading them, then watch the movies. After that you can channel your obsessions to here and just use this place as your twilight saga time. For me I like to read the books then I go through my other favorite series , that may help calm down your obsession too. ;-)

The first time I read it was like going to heaven. It was ahh-mazing. I didn't have friends that understand how awesome that series is so it was so hard to get over that obsession. I'm still not over it.:)


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