The Twilight Saga

i know many of you are major twilight fans.
i personally felt that the movie did not do justice to the book.
yes yes, i know its not possible to bring to live every single thing from the book but to me, everything was just way off.
here are some of the flaws i noticed in the movie.. everything stated here is completely different from the book..(feel free to add ur own)
1. bella has a mobile phone??
2. She finds out about Edward being a vampire AFTER the incident in Port Angeles.
3. She finds about him from a BOOK..
4. Bella tells him that she knows about him in a forest, near her school.
5. Edward immediately reveals everything in that forest.
6. His explanation about himself is done in such an angry manner.
7. Edward takes Bella to his home first and only then he spends the night with her.
8. Their first kiss is at Bella's home.
9. Rosalie wears Bella's clothes!!
10.Bella escapes from Jasper and Alice in the hotel.

this is not to critise the director..just my opinion.. :)
no offense intended.

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Yeah i agree there's so much more they left out i love the books alot wish the movies would be more like the books
glad to know you guys are still with me on this. they should stop making the movies at the risk of ruining the entire moon sucked big time..but i have to say didnt suck as bad as Twilight.
I watched the film before I read the book.

So from that point of view, I found the film fascinating, which is why I went out immediately and got the books.

Once I'd read the books however, I realise how different the movie is to the actual book. But saying that, pretty much every book that has been made into a movie has always had changes to it, to make it more appealing to a wider audience, and not just Twilight fans. The films still good, but it didn't do the book justice in my opinion.
no no no... jacob ASUMED it was carlisle but it was really edward there were no names given in the book jacob jus thought it was him... i could be wrong but who knows i think thats how it went
also one of the last things bella says to jacob is SO mean
bella would of died before saying that to jacob
and i thought Edward sparkled a little too much..
Rob is toooo hairy to play Edward. and too blank-faced as well..
the only good thing about New Moon were the werewolves and Jacob.
the Volturi Fight scene, i found it quite good actually..though its much different from the book..
and Jasper!!
ooh Jasper..perfect make-up and perfect Badass Vampire moves..
sad he only had a very short scene and very little lines.. :(
true the only good thing was the friend really didn't pay attantion to the movie at all she was looking at jacobs chest

jasper, alice and carlisle are the only ones that look good in the make up
but y is jasper still in high school
yea. i found that weird too. i thought in the book, that jasper, rosalie and emmett went off to uni or something. but in the movie, jasper was still there with alice. im gonna have to reread the book to make sure.
Your right. Jasper does go off to "college". It's a movie so things change. One thing i didn't like was Jasper's hair in New Moon, it was waaayyyy too curly and girly looking. His hair looked better in Twilight.
i read the books and watch the movies and i find little things that bug me,,,, but i still watch Twilight everyday and read the books cover to cover ... but i get your point you just want it closer to the book not rewrote....
Yeah new moon wasn't what i expected bella never cries,the part where alice informs bella of edwards suicide intentions really sucked not dramatic as the book bellas reaction ugh!, takes like seconds to convince edward they were alive at the clock tower, she forgives him so easily, i could go on forever. Wish they'd impove on bellas character she never cries,smiles but never laughs, doesnt say much, doesnt touch edward as much, she's just too stiff & too careful for my liking i enjoy the character more. all in all i think they should do something coz if the don't then eclipse will just be a big FLOP!
And am really looking forward to it.
I agree, there were a lot of differences. I like the movie but I think the book is better. There is a lot of really good dialog in the book between Bella and Edward that never made it to the movie version. I think they did a better job sticking to the book in New Moon but the books are always better.


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