The Twilight Saga

i know many of you are major twilight fans.
i personally felt that the movie did not do justice to the book.
yes yes, i know its not possible to bring to live every single thing from the book but to me, everything was just way off.
here are some of the flaws i noticed in the movie.. everything stated here is completely different from the book..(feel free to add ur own)
1. bella has a mobile phone??
2. She finds out about Edward being a vampire AFTER the incident in Port Angeles.
3. She finds about him from a BOOK..
4. Bella tells him that she knows about him in a forest, near her school.
5. Edward immediately reveals everything in that forest.
6. His explanation about himself is done in such an angry manner.
7. Edward takes Bella to his home first and only then he spends the night with her.
8. Their first kiss is at Bella's home.
9. Rosalie wears Bella's clothes!!
10.Bella escapes from Jasper and Alice in the hotel.

this is not to critise the director..just my opinion.. :)
no offense intended.

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I am totally obsessesed with the books and was really looking forward to watching the movie, which I got for Christmas. (I am late to the Twilight phenomenom). I was finally able to watch the movie this weekend and I was very disappointed. I thought the actors did great with what they had to work with (although I don't see Rob as Edward in my mind), but I couldn't agree with you (Danica) more that the total feel of the movie was way off! My fiance, who had not read the books, didn't think it was particularly well done. (Although, he doesn't love that I am obsessed with the books and that may have colored his opinon of the movie.)

I am really glad that I found your discussion since I thought I was the only one who didn't love the movie. Thanks for posting!
The movies are definately more different than the books. ESPECIALLY Twilight but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable. I am a fan of the books more than the movies but I still love the movies. And that's how it is with MOST books that are turned into movies. I agree with you.
i loved the part when mike had to take bella to the nurse's room because she fainted during blood typing in Biology class. mike tried carrying her and got tired. then edward came and helped. they shouldve put that scene in.!!!
I agee in some perspective i think it could hae been better the books were way better but they did twiliht on such a small budget if they knew it was going to sell like it did and make the money it did they could have made it longer and maybe added a few more things but i still think it is an awesome movie and i treally love it
I agree that the books are much better than the movies. Twilight and New moon movies - so many missing points. I dont understand why Stephenie Meyer allowed so many changes in the movies.
it seemed to me that they cut out all the information scenes in the movie
like when jake and bella trade secrets
or when alice tells bella all that stuff on the plain

and my fav seen was totally ruined and non existant AGAIN!!!!

i also found that i could live with edward even tho he wasn't really "edward" but bella pissed me off in so many ways, she seems selfish, mean, spoild, dead,
all the things that edward falls in love with bella for are gone, they completely vanished
I really loved the book i thought the film was alot different i know they cant put everything in but i think they missed alot of the main points. my favourite bits in the book were Edward sat with bella in lunch there relationship developed here and saw they slowly fall in love. i aslo like the bit where she fainted in her class and also when she ran down the stairs and he caught her and kissed her and she fainted.
In the film i noticed so many mistakes like one minute she had her bag on her back then it was gone and when she was in the hospital one minute the wire was over her eyes then it was on her nose and it kept moving every time the camera looked at her.
I think they could have made the movie a lot better then what it was
Im glad they have made a better job of New moon
ok...i seen Twilight before i read the books, after i started reading them i got disappointed in the movie. First off i'm goin to say that i absolutely love love the movie..but i did find some flaws too.
1. she didn't meet jacob until they went to la push..not first thing when she went to charlie's
2. she felt edward's cold hands in biology..not in his car after he saved her
3. edward didn't leave after tyler's van almost killed her
4. she met mike first in english..not eric in the hall
5. the first time edward put her on his back to carry her was when they were going to the baseball game..not to show her what he looked like in the sunlight
there are some others too but you have either already posted them, and i can't think right now lol
Edward first carries bella on his back when they are leaving the meadow. Going to the baseball game was the second time.


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