The Twilight Saga

i know many of you are major twilight fans.
i personally felt that the movie did not do justice to the book.
yes yes, i know its not possible to bring to live every single thing from the book but to me, everything was just way off.
here are some of the flaws i noticed in the movie.. everything stated here is completely different from the book..(feel free to add ur own)
1. bella has a mobile phone??
2. She finds out about Edward being a vampire AFTER the incident in Port Angeles.
3. She finds about him from a BOOK..
4. Bella tells him that she knows about him in a forest, near her school.
5. Edward immediately reveals everything in that forest.
6. His explanation about himself is done in such an angry manner.
7. Edward takes Bella to his home first and only then he spends the night with her.
8. Their first kiss is at Bella's home.
9. Rosalie wears Bella's clothes!!
10.Bella escapes from Jasper and Alice in the hotel.

this is not to critise the director..just my opinion.. :)
no offense intended.

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well it has been said that it was a risk that they had to take and they also didnt want to spend up big on somethink that mite not make it so they had to be extra carful i do agree with you it could have been better
thank u. :)
I didnt like the lunchroom scene because they didnt show them sitting together.
i would have liked it if they put that in there
I also didnt like how Alice, Jasper and Rosalie and Emmett werent even at the prom in the end!

I think it could have been better
but it was still a good movie in its own right
it was without a doubt a good movie.
i guess it would be much better from the pov of someone who hasnt read the book.

on the topic of the prom.
why was bella wearing sneakers??.
that is a good pont cause alice did make her wear heels even though her leg was broken, i guess the movie wanted to be a bit more realistic if u know what i mean.
also i do agree with the faws u pointed out. i think they could of done the meadow seen a lot better, but its like u said people who havent read to book would appeal to the movie a lot more and find bits that we thought should of been done a lot better, more exciting.
the meadow was the most significant part of the entire saga.
its when the both of them declare themselves and understand each other.
it all starts from there. :(
i wanted to see it in action. :(
yeah not to mention that that scene is what stephenie meyer says she dreamed about and what ultimately made her start writing the saga! very important stuff in that scene!
I do agree that they could of done a better job with the meadow scene. Especially if they planned to continue the saga. The meadow is also significant in New Moon. I wonder what they'll come up with to lead Bella there. But overall the movie was great. I saw the movie before I read the books and loved it. Now that I know the full story it's good but I definitely hope they do a better job with New Moon
I agree about the meadow, I actually thought the extended scene on the dvd was much more accurate--
I have to agree with all of you...I know people who never read the book and they loved the movie. Of course I sit here and pick it apart saying uh where did this, this and this go and why aren't they here etc. I love the movie but I believe it could have been even better if they wouldn't have left some out. Like the biology part that was one more part that I really missed :(
I totally agree with Ijeanetta on the cafeteria and the prom scenes.


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