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I saw an alarming discussion 8hours ago from a lady named EVE LANDERS and the topic was about RPattz's bedroom secrets. My head's gonna explode and i burst into anger when i read it. BLASPHEMY! Is that a good topic to start with? That was stupid. As a part of team RobWard i was also insulted by her words whether she's saying that those statements weren't from her but to his ex-gf. But please we should be responsible on whatever words we're gonna post on this site and on others. Those words is from my point of view is below the belt, accusing, and can make Robert's image destroy. Good thing that admin already deleted that stupid and malicious discussion here.

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I dont get what your on about? Was there a thread discussing what Mr Pattinson does in the bedroom? and you found it offensive, or was someone making things up about what he does in the bedroom?????? Couldnt understand what your wrote as it didnt flow right.

Confused ????
Well this eve landers post an interview of robert's ex-gf (that's what she says) stating that rPattz is like a maniac on bedroom everytime he and the girl is you-know-whats-next and thats super vulgar. I dont supposed to say those words again or else this discussion might also be deleted.:) its very vulgar coz she even describe whats happening between them and that makes us raised brows. Its private very private and not good for this friendly site to be posted. Get it ma'm Sue?:):):)
Got it now, I see and yes we don't need to be discussing his private life no matter how much we all wish we were part of it :)
yeah i posted a comment there saying its bull and that i don't believe it..... and apparently it got deleted.... the discussion that is
yeah they used the p word and stuff... omg it was shocking
Me same @toni..thats super below the belt,.how can she post such topic with vulgarity and omg thats a sensitive matter. Then this Eve post back accursing me that im a racist and i have no right to tell her when to stop that discussion. She's a brat.
we all are not racist just for posting our opinions. just that she was disrespectful posting that crap. i don't believe its true and i think she did it just to shock people.... which is just plain wrong! its disrespectful towards to Robert and towards to Robert's fans and so on....
The moderator can delete her discussion whether she likes it or not LOL and the moderator did.... hmm
Me same @toni..thats super below the belt,.how can she post such topic with vulgarity and omg thats a sensitive matter. Then this Eve post back accusing me that im a racist and i have no right to tell her when to stop that discussion. She's a brat.
We are exchanging words because she keeps insisting that its unfair if we shut her up eventhough thats freakin' trash. I do some research about this girl and i found out that there's a boycott campaign about her last july for being a racist and she starts a fight with some of our members. I report it immediately to the admin and when i check out the discussion it wasn't there. And no trace left even on my activity wall.
eve is a person that gets on here just 2 get us going. i will say this again don't reply 2 her! she does this all the time. I didn't see her discussion but i am sure it was not good. If i get a email that she has started a discussion i just delete it. In my opinion i think she should be banned from the site. So just ignore her i know it is hard but way waste time and energy on her. that is what she wants! we have better things 2 discuss besides slander. Robert is a wonderful person and his personal life is really none of our business. Like 2 be a person in his personal life lol. It makes me sick that people have nothing better 2 do. Just because he is a celebrity doesn't give anyone the right talk about his bedroom actions. he is a normal person like all of us he is just in the lime light.
youre right lisa..that girl really need a psychiatric attention. That was the first time i saw her new post.
I think I know who you guys are talking about. And your right lisa she comes on every so often and tries to cause problems. Last time she posted something really stupid about edward. Someone else told her to shut up. She actually said "make me" I posted that she was acting like a spoiled child throughing a tantrum and if we. All just ignored her she would go away. After that someone laughed and she didn't post anymore. For awhile. Its best just to ignore her. Don't post on her site just report her to whoever then ignore her.
Wow. Thanks seth for letting me know about this. I had not idea about such a discussion. Like you I am also Team Rob and posting his ex gf discussing what happened between in the bedroom is WRONG AND TASTELESS. Robert may be a celebrity and but he is still a person like us all who wants his privacy. Please people, I love Rob too but leave his personal business private please.


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