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I saw an alarming discussion 8hours ago from a lady named EVE LANDERS and the topic was about RPattz's bedroom secrets. My head's gonna explode and i burst into anger when i read it. BLASPHEMY! Is that a good topic to start with? That was stupid. As a part of team RobWard i was also insulted by her words whether she's saying that those statements weren't from her but to his ex-gf. But please we should be responsible on whatever words we're gonna post on this site and on others. Those words is from my point of view is below the belt, accusing, and can make Robert's image destroy. Good thing that admin already deleted that stupid and malicious discussion here.

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it's too bad, there are evil thinking people in this community...all discussion should be positive and share everything that we most liked about the sagas, the characters, keep expanding the excitement of the saga....huh...
i very strongly agree
Thank you Irene, I missed all the commotion but I think Eve has done more that her fair share of damage her. She seem to thrive on it. We need to stand together and just not get drawn into any of her discussions.
Thanks for taking the moral high road and showing all the young fans on here how to handle this kind of rubbish the mature way. Much appreciated.
Hey Seth...heads up. I had some mail in my box from Eve when she had emailed me some sort of chain letter junk about a month or so ago. Anyway, the link in her name has been disabled, you can't click on it. You can't click on her avatar either. Her avatar is also the default hourglass. I'm almost positive she had a different pic in there and not the default. So dear boy...WOO HOOO!!! I think you may be able to give yourself a pat on the back. I think you got rid of her.
I did a member search and got this...."
No results were found for 'Eve Landers'.
Well done!!
Thanks for supporting our Robert guys..after receiving a super nasty conversation with this lady i immediately reviewed the guidelines coz i dont to be like the bad girl here if i asked her to stop her discussion so im right. I am also careful not to cross my limitations or admin while also take actions on my behavior. Its a good thing they listen to us and deleted it rightaway.


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