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My friends hate twilight but i love it soo much what should i do

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Find others who love it, like people here on this site, and talk about it here.  I've enjoyed sharing conversation with people here.  Just because your friends don't like it I hope they don't try to make you feel bad because you do.  They won't do that if they are good friends.  Being friends with someone doesn't mean you will always like the same things, but it does mean you should respect each others right to like something different.

Find the things that your friends like.
If one of your friends LOVES TAYLOR LAUTNER (who wouldn't he's soooo hot!) than you can talk about him and how hot he is ;) and it's somewhat twilight related side Taylor plays Jacob black...

ha ha thanks

thank you

That's why I love this site because there are other people that feel the same way that I do. Your friends don't have to like twilight but they shouldn't tease you or say things about it to hurt your feelings. Just come on here and we all can love twilight together! :)

thanks it really means a lot to help me 

Anytime, I know it sounds silly but Twilight has helped me through a some difficult times. I would come home get my family settled, shut my bedroom door and just watch my movies, they help me distress. Thanks for requesting me as a friend. anytime you want to chat just let me know :)


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