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Hi Team Edward fans!!! How is everyone? Lately, I have heard some news about Team Jacob fans coming into Team Edward and bashing your group and vice versa (I am very sorry for that, too). Some of the Team Jacob and Team Edward fans have come to me with a solution: a treaty between Teams Edward and Jacob. Please tell me what you think and what you would like to be in the treaty.
Thanks for your cooperation and nice language.

Official Team Jacob Captain,

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i agree with u cause at the end we love twilight

we´re a big twilight-family .... no matter if you like edward, jacob, emmet, jasper, laurant or james or whoever !!!!
Chase im with u:)
I'll join as well. I am , obviously, a member of Team Edward. But I also am a member of Teams Jacob and Bella because I love the Saga. For me, the story wouln't be the same if even one of the characters (main or minor) were missing! Just because I have a preferance for Edward doesn't mean that I hate the others. I agree with Chase in that there needs to be more respect shown for everyone's feelings. The hating needs to end and we need to see more tolerance.
thats what i've been saying all along!!!
totally agree
Thank you for being nice and not hateful. Just because I am the Team Jacob captain doesn't mean that I hate Edward.
I wonder if The Team Edward Captain went to the Jacob group would they be the same?
We would be inviting.
is that realy true?? cos i went on to the team jacob page to have a look and the first disscution i saw was " how would you kill someone that loves edward" ??!!!! i was a bit freaked!
hehe x
My Username use to be "ILoveEdward" and I answered a questioned about Taylor Lautner and they were giving me crap about how I was in the wrong forum and for me to leave.
Really??? OMG!!!

That's why i don't go there anymore!
I hate to see such disgusting topic!

Excuse me, Team JAcob Captain but i think you should priority first your members before going here, they are the ones who need to be given attention and some "treaty" as well. Don't you think?


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