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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! This movie is going to be epic!!!

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They have tee shirts at hot topic already! I'm there tomorrow lol.
Can't believe how this impacts my emotions...don't know if I can stand to see Bella's pain, even knowing the outcome!
It does look intense & I'll probably be nervous to even knowing the outcome.

holy crackers!! i don't remember some of this in the book! but thats the beauty of film!

and my cousin is going on the release date with her daughter who is seven and team seth! i mean come on, seth is beast! ahg this is gonna be epic!!!!!

~team seth and charlie!

I watched the trailer several times and it looks like it shows Sam Uley and his pack confronting the Cullens and Jacobs group right outside the Cullen's home. I'm sure that is NOT in BD and I don't see how that is going to resolve itself without problems!
It might not be in the book, but I personally like that they added it, for more action. I do wonder how it's going to get resolved, though, if it comes that close... o_o
It is in the book the only difference that they added was the cullens trying to stop them and made it look like they are fighting but yep it's in the book.
It's not in the book. Sam never goes to the Cullens house to kill Bella. They added that for more action.
Isn't where they want to go after them but Jacob meets them in the woods before they get to the house and they talk it out. I may have to read that part again.
That was days later, but they never went to the Cullens house. plus Sam wasnt with them, it was Embry, Paul, Collin, and Jared that went and talked to Jacob.
that's right. man i just finished that dang book that's how you know your memory is going. thanks girl.
Ur welcum. It's just that I have read the books so many times, that I basically know them by heart.


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