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I understand midnight sun is going to be a prequel type book giving background into Edwards start etc? Well does anyone know if there will be any stories to come after?

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i have a story that Peter Facinelli and myself had an idea for that i made a story about it and he said i need to tell Stephenie Meyer about it that's the reason i have it posted it is called Twilight : The New Storm it is on Google

She probably isn't going to release Midnight Sun sooo I don't think their will be new ones anytime this coming year. But if they do make a new movie I imagine it would be on The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. But in my opnion their isn't enought content to but in a movie.

Stephanie and the movie makers should continue the Jacob and Renesmee story.  I'd also like to see Alice's and Emmett's background.  Even though they're described in the saga, they're not in the movies.  I think it'd be cool to see more details on Edward's background.

I purchased a book when Breaking Dawn (1) came out. They have two pages of questions they asked Stephenie. One of them, is about continuing with the saga. She simply replies something like "I have enough scenarios for them, to last a life time! But i was thinking while writing breaking dawn, that it'd be a while before I returned to vampires, I got kinda burned out on em, ya know"


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