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If you want the facts about Rob and Kristen getting married here are the links.( ps. post what you think about the marrage.)


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well i hate to tell u but those r old magazine covers and stories i mean come on!!!  so u believe what u want there is no fact to it!  those r gossip mags!  i bought them for the pics and laughed when i read the story! 

yeah, the second link's date is  2010.05.19.. 

definitely from old mags...

o well atleast I got a kick out of it
Are they really getting married, I think it will seriously damage his career,
they aren't getting married, they never even said they were dating!
ya Alice I think they are. All you have to do is click on the links above and ' get the facts'
OMG!!!!! I keep track and they are to dating..... or they we're
Like it does say though. None of it is true. If kris does snap at him. He said in a interview that he wants a woman tha will argue with him
when you looked at those. i think you had blinders on. it says they are probably not true. i know that rob is in toronto, boy let me tell you. in dress clothes, he looks great. here is a sample
if kris does ruin his chances at acting. one time he told a interviewer that he didn't care if he acted again. that was after water for elephants. by the way. pic is cosomopltis. new movie

No they aren't really getting married. They admitted that they are dating and if you look at pictures that are resent kristen does not have a ring. They are just getting married in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, thats it.


it states in all pics that rings they are wearing are from bd. if they are dating, more power to them. i just hope people do as they have asked and respect their private lives as private


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