The Twilight Saga

I'm kinda excited about the new film that Rob is in. I think it is going to be pretty good. Is anyone else going to see the movie?

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I'm going to see it. It seams like it'll be a good movie.
When dose it come out again?
march 12th:-D n yup ii am!
I'm wanna going to see it,but i don't know when it show
march 12
I want to see it but my mom never lets me go to the movies:( for crying out loud i have not even seen New Moon yet even though it costs 1 buck to see it!!!! can you please help me try to convince her i should be able to see it ;)
oooohhh that is so sad...what's the deal. you got access to the internet why not got to the movies. You can watch new moon online it's a really good version on But mommy, can maggie go to the movies, pppplllleeassseee?
i wanna see it, but not sure my parents will let me - or go with me, since I certainly can't drive. =)
god i know what you mean! parents are such a drag!!
yeah, they can be awesome and all, but sometimes they are just :P
totally hey i just sent you a friend requst so friend me!!
LOL why wont your parents let you? Im going to see it and drag my daughter with me she dont like twilight. Best revenge a mother can get.


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