The Twilight Saga

I'm kinda excited about the new film that Rob is in. I think it is going to be pretty good. Is anyone else going to see the movie?

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if all the peopel who replyed could send me a friend request i would really appreciate it i'm trying to meet new people. Thank you.
yes i'm excited i think if your a true rob pattinson fan you should go i think it's going to be really good
i would like to see it but not sure when its out in the uk!! i want to c the runaways too but i read somewhere that its not out in uk till august!!! oh poop! :(
I'am goin 2 try and see it. If I get over this cold soon.
im going!!!
i dont got school that day so i can go early and beat the crowds!
i cant wait to see Rob
i think its going to be good too
wen its gonna release
I am going 2 see the Remember Me movie friday nite i think it will be good! Even if it is not still get 2 see robert that is a big plus


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