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Ok,guys i know Edward is the best creature we're ever knows!!but how if die is the best one for Edward??so what do you think??lemme know,please.......please tell me the truth,i realy need your opinion on this issue!!







Dont worry,i just kidding.i just started to make this fanfic,i've post it in other site,sory i cant post it here,my PC was work slower.



"Emmett...wheres the big bullies?"i shout to call my brother,Emmett.since our parents divorce,i live with him here,in the small city in C.A.Emmett is the best brother i ever know.i love him a lot,even sometime he more childish than i am.

"what the hell,princess??are you losing your shoes agains??"he come from his rooms.

"no.i just want to say i love you!well,its time for me to go.guess,Alice was waiting for me at school.bye"

"you wake up me just to say that??"he ask me.i just nodded to answer his question.

"freaky Bella,bye.take care,and i love you too!!"then he back to his rooms.

~~later,at school~~

"Bella!!!!"someone called me,Alice.who else would screaming only to call people name??

"hi,Alice.i miss you!!"i give her teddy's bear hug."how ya doing??"

"im happy"she smiled "ask me why?" more wider now.

"what?"i ask her,dont understand with herwords?

"i just joined team Jasper,wow!!!i cant believed,i and Jasper,how romantice is that?"

"good to know that"i said,expressionless.

"oh come on,Bella dont be jealous!lets check the new guys in basketball team.he's so HOT,even Jesssica take off her shoes to be able walk with him"she said antusiasme.

"realy?it seem i need to catch up a lot!!"i signed

"oh Bella,im forgot,i have appoitment with Jasper.see ya!!"she ready to take a step to left.

"dont forget your umberella,Alice,its so hot"i said playfuly

"of course,i dont want to ruin my new make up.its for Jasper you know?.bye"and she gone.

i walk alone to class,today i have PE in the first class,yay,i love it!!

~~PE time~~

owwwaa,i miss this court a lot,i miss basketball.well,im captain of basketball girl without thinking for so long,i start to play.but when i just want to take a ball from the floor,someone hit me,right on butt!!?

"shoot oww!!"that all i can say.not,im screamed.

"Isabella Marie Swan,so this is you??"he said from behind.

who this jerk??for almost 4 years im in this school,no want dare to call me with my fullname like i turn back to face him,to find out who is he??and to know what actualy he wants??then i saw him,he's.............OMG,he's the perfect creature i ever meet.his eyes was emerald green with sparkle around there,his skin was fairly clean,and his sure not words can describle it,handsome,beutiful,good looking,oh whatevers!!then he smiled,God,im dying from seeing it!!but it not longer,his smile was mocking now,jerk,why he must ruin this moment??

"wanna play??"he ask me while he take the ball from the floor."lets see,how the famous captain basketball girl team,play??"

"dou you think im affraid with you,mr.perfect?"oops,i just say it!!damn him,damn him.

"lets start,princess"again,how he know my nickname used by my family??

and so we are play the game,the first minute im lead the game,but after a few minute he fight me back.he's so tactical here,i can see it.he's drible the ball perfectly,like he was pro.damn him,im not going to lost,so i fight him harder now.but it seem like waste my energy.noway to him for lossing the  game.i dont want to get ashamed,so i found this idea.

"Aoww!!"i screamed.yes,he stoped.he give me a glance."sorry,but someone throwing something to my head,see,its painful u know?"i pretend to screcth my head."dont kidding me .miss.Swan.noboby throw you somethings,just say u scared to lost in this game!!"he mocking on me

"hey,its true you know??"i keep screcthing my hair.

"do whatever you like,Bella.but remember,you owe me a game"he throw the ball,and left.

damn him,damn him,but i like him!!i shook my head,what i was thinking about??i like the jerk??

"Bella!!"the familiar voice call me."hi,sweetheart how with your holidays?"he kiss my cheeks.

"hey,im,um,..."im unable to answer him,my mind still into my mr.perfect,who is he??

"Bella,are you ok?"he ask me again.i can heard he was worry now.

"um,yes,im ok!lets get some drink.maybe we can talk there!!"




so,what do you think??its my first fanfic,im apologise if there a lot mistake,especialy in the words(guys,my english is very poor.sory!)lemme know,and leave your comment please.....!! "smile"


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after i take a drink we sat on the bench near the court.and we started to chat."so,jake what going on when im not around??"
"the one who just play with you is Edward Masen.."he answered my question but i cut him out."so he's the famous new kid people talking about??"i ask him again
"not only new kids,Bella but he also the new captain in my team!!"he said with the bitter face
"what??he replace you??"i realy need to catch up a lot."so,what the full story??"
then he start to tell me the story from A-Z,but before he finish the bell was ring,make us to a part again.he have diferent class with me in the next."thanks for telling me,Jake!"
"anytime sweetheart,but if you want the full story,you should ask Alice,she know much more than i am"he give me hug
"ok.thanks"i leggo his hug,and go to change room for the next class.
good,my next class is biology its same with Alice,is mean i can ask her more about this new kid,new captain,Edward.when i reach the class is almost i quickly take my seat and take out my books from my bag.i saw Alice wave her hands to me,so i waped back.then the class was begin.its so boring today,mr.Burke was talking about cell or whatever,i realy didnt pay him so much!!i take glance to Alice,she was staring somewhere,i know she doesnt like with i texted her!
"hallo,earth for Alice!!"~~B~~
"hey,im in heaven just now,went there with Jasper!!"~~A~~
"its still so early!!i want ask u something!"~~B~~
"what is that??"~~A~~
"Jacob say u know Edward a lot,tell me!"~~B~~
"u meet him??how,he's so hot,right??"~~A~~
"absolutely,but he's realy rude to me"~~B~~
"what u mean??"~~A~~
"he hit me with the ball,on my butt!!?"~~B~~
"OMG!!"she said loudly now,make all the eyes was looking to her.but she ignored them,she just grinned.
"can you explain what happen,miss.Cullens??"mr.burke ask her.she give a glance but calmly she answered mr.burke question.
"my maid just text me,she say she spotted Zenna kill Billy in our living rooms".
now everyone was gasped from her answer!!then someone said"call 911 quick!!"
"none,Eric its not important"she said and back to her seat.
"why you say like that?"mr.burke getting hot now."someone being murdered in your house you sayi its not important?"
Alice just nodded."miss.Cullen!!"mr.burke angry now'
"calm down mr.burke.dont worry my mother handle it already.maybe she will bring zenna to vetenatarian tomorow,so nothing to worry everyone!!"she smiled
"vetenatarian??"mr.burke and all the class confused"who actualy this Zenna?and Billy?"he ask agains
"well,Zenna is my mother favorite cat,and Billy is my maid say Zenna just ate Billy alive,that hoeible right??"
first,there was silence and after 5sec,the bomb of laugh was explode,everyone lauged to Alice answer,even myself cant help to hold back the laugh.but i can hear mr.burke say something under his breath"poor Billy"if im not wrong?wait,i remember mr.burke first name is Billy,oh Alice!!!

~~~later @ lunch~~~
"so Edward realy hit you??"Alice start the talk
"yes,and i would never let it happened again!!".as i finished my work,he walk infront us.
"but he so hot.if he wasnt my........"she bit her lower lips
"nothing!!"then she change the subject."do you think he going to party this weekend??"she ask me
"i dont know.even he go,it would never with me"i look around to find him talking with Jessica.Alice follow my direction
"want the answer?"she ask me back.then wavw her hand to Edward direction,but he didnt look up.then she call him,but he also still not look up,finaly Alice lost her patiente,she climb up to the table,i try to stop her,but she ignore me.then she call his name louder,not,you should call it shout."hallo,Edward Masen can you hear me?"now not only him who look to our direction,but all the student in the cafetaria.Edward come to our table.smiled to us,then help Alice down,
"do you need help?"he asking us.OMG,how soft his voice is??im lost here.
"just some question.if you dont mind??"Alice answered him
"go ahead!!"he take seat next to me, just make my heart beat violently
"are you going to beach party this weekend??"
"yes,of course!!"
"with who?"
"well my friends was wondering maybe you want to out with her?go to there togh..."
"Alice!!"i cut her off
"im alone,so you ask me to out Bella?"he ask me playfuly
"i just dont have choice"i said bitterly,but in my heart im so happy.
OK,i will petch you later then."
"oh guys,look i need to go"then she take step to left us.
"dont forget ur umbrella"i remind her again.
"dont worry,you guys have fun"then she left
i just glance up to Edwards face dont know what to say.short after Alice out,Jessica come to us
"so Edward,countinue from a moment ago,are you going alone or.."
"i have my date"
"bella!!"then he wrap his hand aroubd my waist.i really going into pieces.
"oh"Jessica disapoitment.then she left us.
Edawrd stood up too,start to left,but before that,he whisper on my ear,bring me a shiver."you still owe me,Princess!"then he leave,left me dizzy with my own feeling!!Goodness,i thoght to myself,i fell in love with him!!i now its so early,but im realy love him for the time i saw him!!
hi Bella,thanks for ur review!!well,actualy this story has 2 part,the past and the future.the one u r read is the past,this telling us what happen with Bella and Edward before Edward die.the other one(i post it @ fanfiction forum,u can check it,it have same tittle)is about when Edward die and what happen after that.i will post the link leter!!
u scared me with the heading there *whew*
nice story!!
thank you guys,its realy nice of you!!
chapter 3:

i cant thinks straight for the entery day.Edward Masen choose me,realy??arggh..damn him.i hate him.i love him.
"Exuse me,where i can get ballons??"someone distract me,Alice,
"oh,you give a shock!!"
"haha..(laugh)come on Bells,what the hell you thinking about??"
"me??why??"she confused
"listen little pixie,why did you ask Edward to go out with me??"
"i thought you like it?"
"of course i do.."oops,why i say that words??i can see from her eyes,she show me she's the winner!!"i..."
"oh,dont worry Bella,i can help you to choose your outfit,ypu can thanks me later!!"

~~~@the party~~~
Gosh,why so many people here??the wrost things,i dont know who their are.Alice choose me the little blue dress.she say Edwards like with the blue color.i wondering,how she knows everythings about him??"Bella"someone call me,Edward!!
woww,he's so gorgeous,im dying right now!!
"im sory,im late.there have problem with my car"
"for tonight,i forgive you.but never be have next time!"i try to make my voice sound like angry,but i know my expression say different.
"so,what do you want to do first?''
"i want..."i realy not idea,but i need to show him im not "mommy girls"who dont know anythings."how about music?"
"you like music??"he ask me and splshed his shiny teeth.OMG..what word i have to describle he is??so i just nod to answer his question.then he take hand and bring to the crowd to watch music performance."horible"he said under his breath."stay here Bella,dont move even an inch!!"and then he left me.he left me in the middle of stranger??crazy,weird.damn him,i realy wanted to hit his face with my basketball.i look up to see wheres is he??then i found him,God,he was on the stage,soon after he spotted me.he callme,with microfone."attention everyone,sorry i disturb your time".he look at me,and continue"i just wanna say somethings to someone who truely i love,i want she know my feeling for her!!"he keep his eyes on me."she the one who wearing blue dress!!"he pointed to my direction,and automaticly people look at me too!!damn him.i should ask Emmett to break his ribs.
"Isabella Swan,i want you know how my feeling to you.i know its just a few days after with meet,but to be honest,i love you,for the time i saw you.will you be mine??"he said full of confident,but then bit his lower lips.damn him,i realy want that lips!!he take the guitar from the stage,and start to play.
~~~i want someone love me,who i am~~~
~~~i want someone need me,is that so bad??~~~
~~~i wanna break all the madness,but its all i have~~~
~~~i want someone love me,who i am~~~
~~~nothing make sense,nothings make sense anymore~~~
~~~nothing is right,nothing is right when you're gone
~~~im losing my breath,im losing my right to be wrong??~~~
~~~im frightened to death,im frigtened that i wont be strong~~~
~~i want someone love me,who i am~~~
after he finished the song,he come back to me.he face me and whispered to my ear "I Love You,Bella"
i dont know what to answer,when he satring to my eyes,im realy word come out from my mouth,instead i pull his face closer to mine,and i kiss him.God,i kiss him??!!he kiss me back,at that moment we realy dont care with the crowd,untill someone fatted my my back and he cleared his throat,Emmett!!


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