The Twilight Saga

YOu must see it!!!!!!!!

Its awsome! I'm so ready to see BD2! I' can't believe it's 2 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I can't wait to see it either.

I think the song is wonderful and the video is awsome! It's on


It is awesome. My boyfriend and I is going to see it together when it comes out.

I am so excited, bought my tickets on Oct yep I am a little anxious. Great video. 

Cant wait to see it either!!!

Comes out on Friday but i'm going to see it next Saturday with friends!!!!

So excited!!!!!!!!!

Yep i will be one of those in that long line on thursday for the night

OMG, been waiting for what feels like FOREVER to see this movie. can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait either. I wonder if she will write a saga about Jacob and Renessmee.

Tonights the night!!! Finally Enjoy everyone :)


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