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So I am a teenage girl who has been obsessed with Twilight for years. There is this guy that I'm really good friends with and he is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He is a true guy though; into guns, video games etc. So I brought up the fact that my best friend gave me an autographed copy of Twilight for my birthday and how it was the best gift ever. He said to me, "I think the only reason guys don't like movies like that because it draws girls attention away from their d-bag-ish selves. They don't want to be compared." How true do you think this is? What are your guy friends or significant others opinions on the saga?

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My son loved the movies.  He hasn't read the books, he's not into reading that much.  But he is 29 years old, 6 ft tall, 180 lbs of muscle, tattoos.....real "bad boy" type.  He can't watch a movie where a woman/child/animal is abused without getting upset.  But he really got into the Twilight movies.  He is waiting with me for Breaking Dawn pt 2 to come out.  

On another note, I have an old friend (male) that is usually very sweet and considerate.  But any time Twilight is brought up he practically insults me for liking it.  Since this side of him has come out I don't spend much time with him anymore.  Not because he doesn't like Twilight....but because he showed his true colors by feeling the need to criticize me for something I enjoy so much.  Sigh.  Maybe I should get my son to smack him around a little.

My older brother is 26 and he is just like your son. All "tatted up" bad boy but he loves twilight hahaha. That sucks about your friend though. Maybe you should have your son smack him around a little ;)

Sure ,friends accept each other the way they are.U don't change someone just because u don't like what they do.It's good that u noticed that side of him,althought it's not cool to lose a friend.All i am saying is that i love everything about my friends.Our differences are cool and we learn to compliment each other

that is so true


True that.I am in a relationship.And well yes guys don't like to be compared to others,can be movies hotties or ordinary guys.

Lets say they like to be unique,although at times they act alike.They just want to hear that they are the best.And not be compared to other dudes.What we as Ladies think is so cute and romantic, they think otherwise.

There was this guy who made fun of the Breaking Dawn movie on Facebook, referring to the wolves as the German Shepards and Edward as the dead James Dean.  Maybe he feels a little threatened by all the hot guys in one movie?  The vampires in general are referred to as "the pale people".  At least he "likes" Alice, even though he doesn't even bother to remember her name.  He was also very indignant about the way Bella beat Edward in the chess game in that dream sequence during the honeymoon in Breaking Dawn.  Clearly he did not get that it was a dream, and of course he has no idea that it also referred to the book cover.  Maybe he feels a little threatened by a girl who can outwit a guy like that?  What do you think?

That's an interesting opinion. First off, when I made this discussion I hadn't really thought about the "looks" portion. That is a valid point that guys wouldn't want to be compared to Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner for the way they look. The point I was trying to make was more about personality rather than looks. Edward Cullen is in some ways, the perfect gentleman. Obviously he's not perfect, but he isn't a bad guy. My friend Jacob, the one who said this, is such a gentleman. I was once away at a science competition and it was freezing. I was texting him and I said "Wow it's so cold here," and he responded "If I was there my jacket would be all yours." So he was joking around that he wouldn't care if he was compared to Edward Cullen. I think that the guy you are talking about probably did feel threatened over a girl who could outwit a guy. Hm. It's a very interesting concept.

I do love a gentleman!

I'm a male, 69 years old and I own and have read the entire series (several times) and own and have watched all the movies (several times). My son is 37, he and his two teenage boys like the movies, just not as much as I do. I love animals so I'm not a big fan of how the Cullens get their blood, but it beats hunting humans I realize. Twilight is a great series and it got me to write my own "take" on vampires "Immortal Relations," which is NOT for the audiance of Twilight - it is an ADULT Series. But I do love Twilight and the fact that so many young people love it, because they may develop a love for great books!

My best friend love them after I made him read them.

(he wont admit it to his guy friends though)

Well, maybe you can make him like it? Even a little? But if you can't, then you can just not bring up the subject about Twilight. Which is a sad thing to do especially if you're obsessed about it. But you can still make him like the series. In a good way, I mean. Not in a bad way. But I TOTALLY understand. Some boys don't like things that can make them become obsessed like a crazed girl. Most boys liked to be somewhat Cool. Which I think that when they do that, they are just being crazy and acts all high and mighty. Which I TOTALLY hate. But I really relate to you, though. Good Luck.

My friend read twilight so much back in sixth trade and he got in trouble for reading it so much xd. He's on team Jacob though....


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