The Twilight Saga

i think what it is about Twilight is this, you have a family of vampires that stick together no matter what. even though they are not really related, i had the good fortune to meet Peter Facinelli and we talked about the same thing, but as it stands there are only 13% guys that like Twilight and i think the reason why there is not more is because in the book it is from Bella's point of view. Well Peter and myself had an idea how to get more guys interested in this story by making it a Teenage guy as the main and the Cullen's as the rest no more Bella , Edward and Jacob as the main but all of them as a family as a hole. Then i told Peter that the boy is like Michelangelo of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, his personalty with out the beach lingo. and Peter said " That's a great idea and he is living with the Cullen's?" and i replied " Yes!" and Peter started laughing then he said "Dale, you need to talk to Stephenie Meyer about this character!" And so i went home and wrote a letter but i couldn't not fit every thing into the letter so i made sort of a story about the character living with the Cullen's and him being human.

then someone said that i needed to post it online so fans can read and maybe Stephenie Meyer might see it? So that is what i did you can google it  search for the title Twilight the new storm

this is the Wattpad link

this story has everything guys like humor, baseball, Marshal arts, Vampires, vampire hunters, and plenty of action.

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