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Today is September 10th and it is Renesmee Carlie Cullen's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was born 3 days before Bella's birthday which will be this monday! Everybody comment and leave Bella and Renesmee a happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday sweethearts of every fan of the Twilight Series!
OMG i did not even notice that

happy b-bay ness and bells
Happy Birthday Renesmee! Happy Birthday Bella!
Happy Birthday Renesmee and Vampire Bella..!!!!!! :p
BELATED wish you Many Many Happy Returns of the Day RENESMEE
Happy Birthday to you tooooo BELLA.
happy birth day renesmee and bella.........
Happy birthday to sweet n beautiful remesmee n Mrs.bella Edward Cullen........
happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to Nessie and Bella!!!!!!
happy bday renesmee and bella!!!!
Happy Birthday Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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