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Ok, so from the beginning, every1 of us twilight fans was team edward. but ever since new moon came out and taylor lautner bulked up, a handful of twilight fans have switched teams just bcuz of taylor's change physically. has anyone else noticed dat?

i dnt think it's right for some twilight fans to choose teams based on looks. it should be based on the books. dnt get mii wrong, taylor is cute and all dat, but isn't there more to choosing teams beyond physical looks?

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It amazes me how many people don't read! I believe the people who are switching are those who haven't read the books...only watched the movie so they can't possibly have a clue as to why they're doing it!
My little cousin was team Taylor/Jacob until she read the books now she's team Edward...I always have been and always will be team Edward.....
i 100% agree with you if you was all for Edward in the being you should still be all for him now bod isnt everything
Team Edward forever!
has to be edward all the way...x
my friend was team edward until she read eclipse and then she changed, and now shes glad she's team jacob because Taylor's so fit, but that wasn't the reason she chose team jacob. I don't think anyone should choose a team based on anything that happens in the films, because it's like they don't have all the facts.
Team Edward forever!! i will never leave this team. ♥
that is stupid if you only go by looks what about pesonality in the books taylor was a  I dont care what anybody says im always team Edward!!!!!!!!!!
I know!!!! There's this boy in my class who presumes himself to be the Twilight know-it-all when he hasn't even read the books! Surprisingly, he's not one-of-kind about this! Tut tut!
i know it is sooooo annoying i hate it! in my defence i think robert pattinson is so much hotter, and so is Edward. I will be team Edward forever i hate how they are basing it on looks and the media and stuff are going on like "wow, yeah fo Team Jacob" when the whole entire series is about Bella and Edward! Jacob is ust a device to make the love seem even stronger, to show that Edward is the one. Now itsall OH, Jacob, and i get so annoyed when everTaylor Lautner's on tv i think i wanna vomit. I try to find something to throw at the tv i think i might actually throw it one day...
I'm sorry, but anyone who switches from Team Edward to Team Jacob just because Taylor Lautner bulked up shouldn't be on Team Edward anyway. I will never understand how after reading the books anyone would go to Jacob's side anyway.....but to each his/her own. I am forever Team Edward, that's all I know :-)
I hear you im still waiting on prince charming.


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