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Ok, so from the beginning, every1 of us twilight fans was team edward. but ever since new moon came out and taylor lautner bulked up, a handful of twilight fans have switched teams just bcuz of taylor's change physically. has anyone else noticed dat?

i dnt think it's right for some twilight fans to choose teams based on looks. it should be based on the books. dnt get mii wrong, taylor is cute and all dat, but isn't there more to choosing teams beyond physical looks?

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Taylor might look good in this movie, but it's the character from the book that matters. Since I've always been Team Edward and love the books a l'il more than the movie, there's no budging me with the new-found good looks of Taylor/Jacob! TEAM EDWARD RULES!!!
i agree completey. what the twilght world be like if it was based on looks (preety weird if u ask me)


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