The Twilight Saga

that they went on a rampage to get all the books and then read them (sadly out of order) and affter every book they watch the movie? 

I DID! and now imma start all over again <but this time in order>

ima read Twilight, watch the movie (get a new poster <of twilight>)

read New Moon, watch the movie (get the poster<new moon>)

read Eclipse, watch the movie (again new poster)

read Breaking Dawn, and then watch the movie <when its out> for about a hundred times and get a poster!



any one want to join me :)

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Lol I'm the same, I'm reading twilight for the first time, o have watched the movie like 30x n the book is real diff, I'm gunna read the other book again also, I read them on order tho lol
I watched New Moon the day it came out only because a friend of mine wanted me to. I was not in the whole Twilight frenzy like everyone else was. But after New Moon I was a little hooked and then my neighbor let me borrow Twilight and the rest of the Saga and I ended up reading the books within a week before seeing Twilight. After that I was hooked my husband bought me the whole book saga and then since we lived on base they played New Moon for almost two months straight so every weekend I went and saw it. I've seen Eclipse three times in the theater and then of course I own it and Twilight I have seen over 100 times. I can not wait until Breaking Dawn comes out. But if you haven't already I recommend you buy and read The Short Life of Bree Tanner. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. Oh and Midnight Sun online is Edwards point of view and it is really good as well makes your heart skip beats.
yes bre tanner and midnight sun it was sad that diego died and then midnight sun was not finished. i LOVE edward hes personality and the way he wants to kill bella but he knows he cant live without her ohh i just love him
everyone on here is obsessed with it. Don't feel bad I did the exact opposite. I had twilight, new moon and breaking dawn in before eclipse. I read breakind dawn before eclipse. i have re read the books and watched the movies so much that when my husband comes in our bedroom and he sees what i am watching he goes to sleep. he has asked how many times i am going to read and watch the movies. i told him until i know everyword by heart
My husband is annoyed by the whole thing but he lets me be. Although we live apart because of military so I have the freedom to watch and read when I want to. However I have two kids who take up that part for him. But I am like you I know every word but when my heart doesn't skip a beat anymore for the saga then I will stop being obsessed. Then again you never know it might be never ending love for the saga.
i did as well i read twilight then new moon then breaking dawn and then e(the bree book) right after that i read eclipse hah
I am totally the same way.. I read the books after watching the first two movies... I wasn't much of a reader but have grown to love it after reading twilight... I read them now about once a month and watch the movies about once a month as well... LOVE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!
i`ll surely join to the end of the earth
I was the same way.  A friend of mine kept telling me to read the books. I kept putting it off until I had nothing to read. Man was that a mistake(not). After reading Twilight  I had to watch the movie I had to read every book and watch the movie after the book. I keep reading and reading every book. Then I go back and read certain chapters in each book. I can't get enough.   
That's where I am now. Read the book, watch the movie. I am on Breaking Dawn now. When I finish I will watch the movies that time then read. I plan to do this til Breaking Dawn Pt 1 comes out.
yup i am to grr cant wait for part 1 that would be the first premire ill go to hah!
Same. :)


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