The Twilight Saga

Has it occured to you that most people are Team Jacob because of Taylor Lautner?

I mean, before Taylor Lautner, I thought that Team Edward had a lot more... members? Or whatever we call ourselves?

I have nothing against Jacob, really. He's my bud.

But I'm still Team Edward.

Lately, I've been thinking, kay, not lately, like forever, that most people are Team Jacob because they think that Taylor Lautner is way sexier than Robert Pattinson.


So, you know what? Screw 'em.

They can go fuckamoose ;) .

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haha idk ur probably right. my sisters a jacob fan cuz she thinks hes hot.
I compleatly agree with you!
My friend was totally pro Edward but since new moon she is team jacob, even though she had read all the books before! grrr it annoys me so much! x
Yes. totally.
lol fuckamoose
Yeah, you are right. And this really is annoying,
they are Team Jacob just because he "has flawless abs!!!!!!" and "he's SO hooooooooooooottt!!!!!11"
*drooling over pictures of Taylor shirtless*


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