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I always watch the premiere of twilight saga movies on E Channel, I feel envy you guys who'd be able to meet Robert, Kristen and Taylor face to face, took picture with them, and get their sign on your book..
I wonder how it feels like, and when I could ever meet them in my life..

I wish someone would be nice enough to get me their picture and sign....or at least send my regards to Robert.. ohhh....I'm just wondering...

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meee..i saw them here on korea last june3..i was with my friends when we crossed ways with them and their securities..i was stunned but my friend manage to get s0me pics of kris and tay..
You are so damn lucky!!!! I alwayz cry seeing the tv channels where there is the premiere and the lucky fans meet them face to face :'(
i agree that you are so lucky seth...i would give anything just to see robert personal..I hope there would be a raffle draw and who ever wins could have a 1 day date with Robert!
Haha yeah sarah we're so damn lucky..but the only thing i regret is that i became mute that moment..goodness! My friends left me and run over with the chasing crowd that following them..they have the pics and the autographed shirt they let them signed.
hehe thatz not abnormal thing it happends with everyone wen we meet our fav stars!!! At least u were strong dat u controled urself, if it wud hav been me den i wud have fainted ryt away!
@sEtH cLeArWaTeR : OMG, u re damn lucky.. I don't know what should I do if I could meet them.. Maybe I will scream out loud..
I didnt know they had an eclipse promotion on the country and we're exiting the hotel when we saw them. After that i watch the news and i saw the famous smirking photo of kris. But maybe she's a bit tired and i still love her after all...:)
Thanks bella..but robert wasn't there so i still feel incomplete..
oh my...i hope we could see him soon...
wow wow wow wow wow !!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont beliv it u guys hav met rob pattz!!!!!!
i am going crazy abt thinking i will ever meet HIM....<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

(u guys,i am posting my fav. pic. at the last,hope u like it!!!!)
sally cullen

Thanx Sally... He is totally amazing.......

I'm still wondering when I'll get lucky like Seth and friends and be able to meet them, ehm..especially Edward personally......
wow..this is cool pic sally!


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