The Twilight Saga

I always watch the premiere of twilight saga movies on E Channel, I feel envy you guys who'd be able to meet Robert, Kristen and Taylor face to face, took picture with them, and get their sign on your book..
I wonder how it feels like, and when I could ever meet them in my life..

I wish someone would be nice enough to get me their picture and sign....or at least send my regards to Robert.. ohhh....I'm just wondering...

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Wish I could meet Rob :(
I really regret not meeting my favourite singer Tose Proeski (he died in a car crash in 2007 :( ), so now I chase down every celebrity I wanna meet. By now I know all my Macedonian favourite actors and singers :D
i ant met em but i know em i speek to kristian and rob all the time on my sissis f book


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