The Twilight Saga

If not come on all ready you both know you want to and you know most of your fans know that you make the perfect couple. And you have known each other for years making these movies. so get on with it already please.

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Get engaged and get married

They're not engaged,married, or living together. And I heard that they're fighting.

They are together, but not engaged nor married.

Robert told to one magazine that the wedding scene from movie was amazing and that they enjoyed it. He says that it was like real wedding, so actually they feel like they are married :)

thats ryt..!! Rob and kristen would make a perfect pair,

thats ryt..!! Rob and kristen would make a perfect pair,<!! NO doubt.!!

They're engaged but not married.

where'd you hear that?

Really that is awesome I saw online that they are living together and have been a couple for awhile they have an apartment in california and london is that true?

they arent engaged or married, they're only dating, but i heard they are renting a house togethor in london while kristen films a movie. So i guess the are kinda living togethor. 

u guys know alot about my couisn but i knw the truth

what truth?

Who's your cousin...?


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