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i think it's been a totally devastating movie, but in a good way, i've seen it today (12th march)cause here in argentina it was released 4 days ago, and i can tell you the end made me cry, it wasn't an expected end and i really liked the story about tyler and ally...

you have to tell me what do you think of it...

i need to know...


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the ending was depressing i thought, i just felt like he should have had a happy ending since he worked so hard to help evrybody
aja, yes, but i think that, as everything was repaired with his family, maybe now he can rest in pace,... don't you think?
I went to see it last week... I thought it was a really good film, yes very sad at the end which I wasn't expecting either but a good storyline. Rob's acting was brilliant, he plays that kinda part so well! I've even converted my girlfriends into 'Rob-aholics'... xx
yeah, you think like me... but i don't understand that thing about girlfriends you said, can you explain?
I did go see Remember Me and it was tragic and there was some romance. I cried at the end of the movie.
me too! the tears came out instantly when i saw what happened to him... it was so sad!! poor tyler!
I haven't seen it yet but I'm dying to was it good it looks like it is I'm surprised that more of robs fans didn't go to see it but I'm going to because I am faithful and I'm going to see Kristen in runaways to.
oh it's great (the movie)! i liked it at all, but not many girl have gone to see it, and i don't know why, here's lots of ans o rob, and i can't understand why, but they lose it... i've seen it and i loved it... so see it!!!!


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