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i think it's been a totally devastating movie, but in a good way, i've seen it today (12th march)cause here in argentina it was released 4 days ago, and i can tell you the end made me cry, it wasn't an expected end and i really liked the story about tyler and ally...

you have to tell me what do you think of it...

i need to know...


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I saw the movie the first day it came out, the ending was totally unexpected, I could not stop crying. But the love story between Tyler and Ally, I loved it. When I got home I went on my labtop and watched the trailer over again. I was a wreak for the rest of the night and the following morning. Can't wait for it to come out on dvd!!!
i'm totally that way, and when the movie ended i went directly to the cinema bathroom, and my face was red, cause it puts that way when i cry and everybody was seeing me... i loved it, and the end was terrible, but i think he rests in pace cuase all has been fixed, but it still hurts...
I didn't see it, because it honestly didn't look that interesting to me, but my friend did tell me the storyline,and the ending,so I know all about the movie. The ending, from what she told me, is so sad!!! I'm almost glad I didn't see it cuz of the ending, but I do kinda want to see it now.
didn't you? you have to see it, aren't you interested about it? you'll love it, see it...
i didnt see it either but i REALLY want 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant believe u dont wanna c it!!
obviously not all endings r happy! u shood watch sweeny todd, or read the book i am writing, and then u will know wat i mean!!
I kinda do want to see it now, but I might wait a little while cuz my schedule right now is so hectic. But I am intrigued.......(ha, don't you just love that word? intrigued.....ha) Sorry, I couldn't resist.
The acting was amazing, the story a bit slow in places but overall good, and the ending was a gutcheck. Hmm. 4 out of 5 stars.
i didn't understand a thing, did you like the end?
It was devastating. I wouldn't say I liked it, but I was satisfied with it.
oh, yes... it was, but i liked the story...
idk i havnt seen it -but i REALLY want 2!!!!! rob pattinson is really cute.

btw. ewe! y is ur profile pic of jacob kissing bella? i am 200% team edward!!!!!
you haven't seen it? you'll love it too, maybe you'll cry when it finishes but you'll like he story... see it... and then tell me what do you think...


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